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Can I/Should I use SO to record my own solutions to problems where I have found an answer?

I've tagged this as a feature request, but I'm not sure if there is already an accepted way to do this. I often find solutions to problems which I record somewhere and then later lose. Simple ...
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Are blog-like Q&A pairs off-topic for Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Note: I usually avoid pointing to a specific user or question, as I don't want to do any public shamming, but I'm pretty sure that the specific question wouldn't be to hard to find anyway seeing as I'...
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How could I have better shared an open-source library that I wrote?

If I understand it correctly, the voting system should help reduce as much as possible the influence of the subjective opinions, leaving a mean estimate of the question/answer's quality made by the ...
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Realised the answer to my question while I was typing - still ask it? [duplicate]

I just started asking a question and, in the process of typing it up and organising my thoughts, I worked out the answer - this has happened before and I suspect I'm not the only person it's happened ...
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Should questions that answer themselves answer themselves in the answer section of the post [duplicate]

For example, if I discover that a compiler has an error, would posting the question and answer to that question in the question section of the post be considered a bad thing to do in this site? Should ...
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What's "primarily opinion-based" about the question: "Does this code exhibit a bug?"

Granted, that's not the exact wording I used in the question I asked, but it essentially boils down to this. It's a question that comes up so many times, that I decided to ask, and submit an answer ...
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Bilingual questions

I am thinking of migrating some IT-specific FAQ from a public telegram group into Stack Overflow. The domain area is quite popular: Java, ESB, integration, etc. Two pitfalls I have: All the ...
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Can I post an answer to a non-existing question? [duplicate]

So I had a question, I did not find any solution to it. Then a while later I got a little creative and I fixed the issue. So this is the question: can I post this solution to help others who might ...
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Why is my own accepted answer not on top? [duplicate]

I have a question which I self-answered, and my accepted answer is not on top. I know that is by design. But why? My answer works - I can tell best, because I had the problem. And now all these ...
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Saving "Sunsetted Documentation" by creating self-answered questions [closed]

I added a self answered question on SO with the contents of documentation, this was mentioned as a possible solution on the Sunsetting Documentation . Within minutes it was down-voted, received ...
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Question closed for no obvious reason [duplicate]

This question: External application remote control from Red language was closed as "too broad", which looks like an inaccurate characterization. The author asks for a way to automate the GUI of third-...
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Should this question about hiding elements have remained closed?

The question How to hide the entire element if part of the element overflows vertically? was closed by 5 members of the community. It was then reopened by a moderator. Here is an image of the question ...
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The 'Answer your own question – share your knowledge, Q&A-style' problem [duplicate]

Here is the problem: You begin to write a question, and you include your issue / non-working code You find the answer in the meantime, and you use the "Answer your own question – share your knowledge,...
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When answering your own question, do you need to show what you've tried?

Posted a question and used "Answer your own question" to post an answer instantly with the question. How to get the count of day with most rows with MySQL Because this was a purely educational ...
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I had a vague question on SO [duplicate]

So I had a SO question and when starting to get ready write it I noticed that it would have been very vague. So I worked hard for a long time (lots of bing) and figured it out. Then wanting to help ...

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