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Remove the incentive for FGITW to answer well known dupes

TL;DR Where a dupe target has n number of duplicates closed against it, if future questions closed to that dupe target are answered, all the rep for those answers is nullified. This way, there is no ...
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Penalty for answering help-vampire questions? Or reward closure? [duplicate]

In javascript, I often come across answers from a certain user on typical help vampire questions. Questions that should be closed as duplicates, instead of being answered. You know the type: No ...
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Why would a question that's normally too broad in *any* other language be okay if it's in Python?

In keeping with a theme I've got nowadays - wondering about moderation and how consistent, even and fairly we apply it - I've run into this scenario enough times to warrant a Meta post. Take a ...
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How can I suggest, promote, or impose my standards for Stack Overflow on the tags I contribute to?

I've been contributing heavily to Stack Overflow for the last 2 to 3 years now, mostly in java and related tags. I've matured through my contributions and experiences. Lately, I've been spending my ...
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Why don't we give users below 250 rep notion about close votes?

To clarify beforehand: I'm not asking for leaving auto comments as with close voting a question as a duplicate. Why aren't low rep users notified when they receive a close vote/flags with their ...
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How many duplicates (if any) are enough to justify deletion of a question?

A user asked this question recently. There's no doubt it's well-written, but it's extremely poorly researched. This question has been asked and answered hundreds of times (at least in my 5 years in ...
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Should OP get notified when their question is flagged for closure?

Would it be better if the OP of a question gets a notification when a user flags their post to be closed? Something like: Your post has been flagged as "Need Details Or Clarity". If ...
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High reputation users answering totally off-topic question [duplicate]

What is the best course of action when you see high reputation users answering really off-topic question? For instance:
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What is the point of 10k users seeing deleted stuff?

I know that 10k users are able to see deleted questions but what's the point of that? A question is deleted because it is low-quality, off-topic or badly recieved. I guess the reason behind this is ...
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Statistics on answered questions deleted by their author

What percentage of open, zero or greater scored, answered questions are deleted by their author within 24 hours of posting? When can’t I delete my own post? You can’t delete your own question when it:...
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Show visual cue that there are close votes for question to 3000+ rep users without needing to scroll

For some really long questions (for example a wall of code), you can miss the close votes simply because they are down the screen. It would be good that for people with 3000+ rep there is some visual ...
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Display pending close-vote reasons to questioners even before closure [duplicate]

I've tried searching for a duplicate since it seems likely that it is but have failed to track it down after reading 4 pages of question titles. Can the system display the pending close-vote reasons ...
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No reputation for answers on questions with negative score

It seems from this recent Stack Overflow post that many people think question quality is a problem. What if Stack Overflow would give no reputation for answers on questions which have a negative ...
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