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How are we supposed to post godbolt links now that URL shortening is blocked?

(near-duplicate of Common online compiler blacklisted. This Q was meant to be about posts, where length limits aren't a serious problem and posting full URLs is a valid answer. This has become the ...
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Common online compiler blacklisted

(A similar question about godbolt links in posts, rather than comments, was posted a few hours after this.) So, on C and C++ tagged questions, it is common to link to the online compiler at http://...
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A step towards stopping spammers

As the SE site is growing with number of users, spammers are also increasing. Smokey is doing a good job in detecting the possible spam posts and posting the link in the following chat rooms where ...
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Why are link shorteners useful for spammers?

This question is related to: Blacklist the use of common link shorteners in posts. Why are shortened links more useful for spammers than the usual ones? Spammers can post any link, so why do we pay ...
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Useful comment removed -- because of

On this question, the OP presents code that he says shows the value undefined. Looking at the code, I couldn't imagine why that would be, so I created an MCVE for him. When it didn't demonstrate what ...
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Auto expand shortened URLs?

Could we have URLs to and (etc.) auto-expanded to their final homes? Someone posted here (10K only) a URL that went to LMGTFY. I had no idea what it was from the comment. I'm not ...
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Should we add to the Stack Overflow URL blacklist?

Over the years, a lot of people have been posting links to on Stack Overflow when referring to books. That site only exists to host bootleg (some would call them pirated) ebooks ...
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Something in my web site or project doesn't work. Can I just paste a link to it?

I have a CSS, HTML, or JavaScript problem on a website I'm working on. I would like to just describe the problem and paste a link to the external site in question. Can I do this instead of posting ...

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