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Blacklist the link-shortener

Recently, there has been a spam attempt using the link shortener to route to a link in the other, already blacklisted link shortener This was used as part of a spam tactic that ...
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Removing link shorteners from posts!

According to Blacklist the use of common link shorteners in posts, SO no longer allows most short links. (Note that some of the blacklisted domains are not technically link shorteners.) As someone ...
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Whitelist CloudApp links

I use CloudApp for recording short (less than 1 minute) animated GIFs, which I sometimes use to demonstrate a UI issue in a SO post. However, the URLs for these screencasts are currently blocked by ...
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How to deal with too aggressive short link ban when linking to documentation?

I tried to edit a question which used a roundabout way to refer to documentation it was working with. I formatted them as proper links however, I quickly found out why the user chose a roundabout way ...
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Why are link shorteners useful for spammers?

This question is related to: Blacklist the use of common link shorteners in posts. Why are shortened links more useful for spammers than the usual ones? Spammers can post any link, so why do we pay ...
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I can't post a blacklisted shortened URL, but it's part of a verbatim quote

URL shorteners are banned, which seems reasonable to me. However, in an earlier version of this question of mine, I wanted to quote a warning I received in the terminal. Quoted verbatim, the warning ...
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Make the short link ban less aggressive when linking to documentation

Related to: How to deal with too aggressive short link ban when linking to documentation? Linking to documentation about the is blocked because the links are detected as if they were ...
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Unparsed HTML in comment warning dialog, works fine in post body warning

Blacklisted dialog for post body: Blacklisted dialog for comments: As we can see, the HTML formatting is instead being escaped. Shog9 said I should post this as a bug report, stating. they ...

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