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Something wrong with the review path [duplicate]

Today when I go to the review page, I get: You reviewed incorrectly. Please pay more attention to each review in future Come back in 19 ...
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Does the tag wiki for reactjs violate copyright law or at least require identifying the source of the content? [duplicate]

I noticed the Stack Overflow tag wiki for reactjs is largely a direct copy of the text from which is copyrighted by Facebook, Inc. The tag wiki does not indicate that it was ...
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Merry Go Round Situation

Scenario After previous changes, up until Jul 3 the excel Usage guidance was: Only for questions on complex formula development or VBA programming. Show your data together with the expected ...
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Stopping tag wiki plagiarism, Part II: Taking Action

tl;dr: It's time to stop letting people add stolen content to our site's tag wikis. Reviewers are letting this through, so let's start with the reviewers. These users are reviewing incorrectly and ...
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First Answers Review Suspension because of plagiarized answers

IMHO, it is quite difficult to do First Answers reviews on a daily basis without getting suspended after a few days. For sure, not all of my reviews were correct and some of the failures and ...
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Add ability to "flag" tag wiki

Decided to do some reviews today and came across this suggested edit to a tag wiki. The content for the wiki is copied verbatim from the wikipedia page for S-Plus. You can even see the citation/edit ...
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How to handle accusation of plagiarism by a Tag-Wiki edit reviewer

I added some usage guidelines to yaml in this suggested edit. One of the reviewers did see this as plagiarism and rejected on the basis of This edit copies a significant amount of content from an ...
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How much effort looking for plagiarism is expected of a reviewer of a tag wiki edit?

I was recently banned from reviewing for two weeks because I approved a tag wiki edit that should have been rejected for plagiarism. The notice of the ban seems to be a generic "should have been ...
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Is there any way to flag a tag, and is there any action taken for a user who repeatedly copies content from external sites to tag wikis? [duplicate]

Running through edit reviews today, I noticed that one user showed up a number of times, adding text to blank tag wikis. Unfortunately, this user was not authoring the wikis, but instead simply ...
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How do I write a good tag wiki? Is it okay to use/copy content published elsewhere?

On Stack Overflow, all tags have a "wiki" associated with them, which can be edited by the community. For example, when you look at questions with the c++ tag: you see the tag wiki excerpt displayed ...
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What is the proper way to indicate that I'm the author of the code in a tag's wiki and it's not plagiarized?

I have suggested a tag wiki edit that was approved 3 to 1, but the reviewer who rejected it took this argument: This edit copies a significant amount of content from an external source. Generic ...
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Can we have some care when reviewing wikis edits? How can we improve our wiki edits?

There's been a fair bit of attention to tag wiki plagiarism Let's stop tag wiki plagiarism Stopping tag wiki plagiarism, Part II: Taking Action This post is about improving the quality of our ...
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Better Edit Review Audits to guide Reviewers

During my activity in the suggested edits review queue I have often seen robo-reviewers that seem to approve everything, only rejecting the (obvious) audits, thus they never get review banned. ...
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Why was this descriptive tag excerpt rejected?

Came across a question today that although using a technology I was familiar with some of what they were doing wasn't familiar to me and after a bit of digging identified they were also using ...
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How should I report plagiarized tag wikis? [duplicate]

This has been asked before, How to deal with plagiarized content in tag wikis. However, that question was closed as a duplicate of other questions that don't really answer the question. It's easy to ...
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