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Pagination won't work properly [duplicate]

I have video for this issue. On 1st page I have 50 items per page and after hit 2nd page link I have 15 items per page, but I expect to have 50 items.
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Number of items per page not being saved after changing tabs [duplicate]

I know this is a duplicate question from this one: New Nav Bug: Number of Items per Page Resets When Switching Tabs, but that question was marked status-completed although the issue still remains. So ...
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Homepage loses page size when going to the second page [duplicate]

There's a bug on the homepage: It loses its page size configuration when going to the second page. Just wanted to let you know. I also wonder why there has to be the option for smaller page sizes ...
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Frontpage and other tabs do not save "questions per page" [duplicate]

I find this behaviour strange I click on button "30 per page" on the buttom of the Frontpage. Everything fine When I go to another tab (hot, newest,...) there are still 30 questions per page. Ok Now ...
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Browser history/pagination doesn't remember the page I was at (when navigating back from a question) [closed]

This applies to all the pages with pagination (for example, just the "Home"). Use the pagination to go to any other page than page 1 Click a question in the new page Navigate back from the question ...
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"Per page" pagination returns no results when increasing limit on last page

I typically set my pagination limit to 50 on the homepage. While experiencing, researching, and finding this post on the limit resetting when changing pages (which happens intermittently for me at 50),...
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Per Page Setting Doesn't Always Stick

I like to keep my questions per page at 50, but that setting won't always stick. I've read this question: New Nav Bug: Number of Items per Page Resets When Switching Tabs and this one: New-Nav ...
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New Nav Bug: Number of Items per Page Resets When Switching Tabs

I create a tab to filter for the java tag. I then set the value for number of questions per page to 50, which it displays. Then I switch to the "Home" tab and see that the value there is set to 15. So ...
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New navigation showing fewer questions

When I click on the new navigation tab for Java questions it shows fewer items, happening only on the 1st page, this is because I have some ignored tags, if I move to page 2 it shows 15 elements ...
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The /questions feed seems to reset number of items to display

I prefer to display 50 questions at a time. I've set this on the default tags I watch and on the home page. However, it does not save this setting all the time. It appears to reset when I perform a ...
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Bounty new-nav doesn't remember page size setting if I change sort order

I browse Stack Overflow with 50 questions per page. Occasionally, I wander through the bounties page to see if there is anything I can answer. On initial page load, I see 50 bounties listed. However, ...
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Favorite tags: going to another page will reset per page to 15 [duplicate]

I have set 30 messages per page. When I click favorite tag it's still 30 for the first page. But as soon as I navigate to another page (clicking 2 or Next page) it will be reset to 15. Using Chrome, ...
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