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Add a blacklist on jobs [duplicate]

I think it would be nice to have an "add to blacklist" feature (opposite to the favourite one). That's because my problem is that, often in different days, I keep looking on the same job open it and ...
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Careers Unificintegration: Jobs on Stack Overflow

TL;DR: We're rolling out Jobs on Stack Overflow. Big thanks to the folks who tested early and reported bugs here on Meta Stack Overflow with the jobs tag - keep up the good work! <3 In 2009 Stack ...
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Didn't get the job (or did I?!?!) but in limbo - what are you guys doing to proactively move employers to provide feedback?

Much needed feature request, especially for the job seekers. Scenario: you've applied for a job via the jobs link on SO. You wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and continue waiting. You search for ...
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How can I hide all jobs from a certain company?

I'm not interested in working for company X, but the job list is littered with their offers. How can I hide them selectively?
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Why is there no way to "cross off" jobs in Stack Overflow Jobs?

When you're looking for a job you have to wade through a lot of positions that look good at first, but don't line up exactly. It's rather annoying to have to wade through these jobs every day that ...
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Allow users to mark jobs "not interested", "applied", et cetera

Currently, there are only two ways to see your status regarding a job: Whether you put it in your favorites (the star). And a little sign to indicate that you applied on Stack Overflow (an ...
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Dismiss Company Ad - Block Company Entirely

I know we can easily dismiss job ads as laid out here: Allow users to hide individual job listings And I know there is currently a bug such that when you dismiss the job ad it doesn't get dismissed ...
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Reject single Job recommendations in the user activity tab

I'd really like a feature to just reject single recommendations for jobs I get. I like the recommended jobs section on my activity tab, but sometimes there are matches that just don't work at all. E.g....
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Why does SO continue to show me ads for jobs to which I've already applied?

I saw an ad today for a job that I applied to three days ago. Seems to me like this doesn't make very much sense.
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Hide a specific job listing from my search results

One feature I like from Zillow and Craigslist is the ability to hide a listing - I've reviewed the listing, found I'm not interested for whatever reason, so I don't want to see it again. There is a ...
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Custom Categories for Job Posts with Filtering Capability

This question/feature request is very similar to Allow users to hide individual job listings and Hide a specific job listing from my search results ; however, I am taking it a little further and ...
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Hiding specific questions from my list [duplicate]

Is there a way for me to manually mark individual questions as "hide from my view" so they don't show up on my question list on I haven't seen any UI buttons to hide a ...
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