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What is the difference between SO Jobs and Careers SO? [duplicate]

As we all know, there is a subsite of SO called Careers, whose purpose is to find a job. The new Jobs tab on the main site appears to do the same thing. What is the difference between the two?
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Is Stack Overflow Careers the same as Stack Overflow jobs? [duplicate]

Are and the same or not? If not, what should I chose?
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The Developer Story Part 2: We didn't explain that very well

Recently, we presented the community with our idea for the Developer Story to get your thoughts and feedback; and feedback we got! We appreciate all the comments and answers on the original post. In ...
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Stack Overflow - Serving Programmers Even Better [closed]

In 2008, we set out to solve a problem that plagued every programmer in the world: the lack of an information resource that was free, vetted and maintained by programmers, where the best information ...
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Introducing the Developer Story

TL;DR; We're replacing CVs with something you can use even if you aren't currently looking for a job. Update (Jan 4): added an FAQ section to address some common questions & concerns We've had a ...
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SuperSecretTrackingCookie2 on Stack Overflow?

Just out of interest, I was checking out what cookies were in use on Stack Overflow, and to my surprise, I found "SuperSecretTrackingCookie2". It's a subtle name, I almost looked over it, but ...
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What happened to

Whenever I go to I get redirected to The talent site seems to be aimed at companies. I am not a company and would like to get to some job ...
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Apply pop-up does not make it clear which version of resume will be attached

I've used Careers in the past to find people as well as to answer employers' / recruiters' questions about whether I was interested in a job or not. However, I had never used careers to actually "...
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What about jobs for system administrators?

Forgive me for the intrusion (if it's perceived as such), but this seems now to be the right place to ask about Careers/Jobs things. Until now, Careers has been a place for both developers and system ...
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Allow users to hide individual job listings

I've been checking out the Careers Unificintegration and so far it seems quite nice. One problem, however, is that there is no way to remove jobs that have been previously evaluated to be a poor fit. ...
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No Jobs tab on Meta SO

Why are users not presented with the new Jobs tab on Since the Meta site is specifically for SO topics, it would make some sense to keep the navigation consistent. ...
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Jobs vs Careers vs Developer Story vs Talent

This current question is closely connected to my previous questions, so they should be recalled here. From the very beginning I haven't understand the use of distinct Careers account and integrated ...
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Is it expected that I need to copy my CV from the old careers site to the new integrated one?

I have just opted in to the new unificintegrated Jobs feature from Careers Unificintegration: Jobs on Stack Overflow. I already have a CV on I thought ...
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Jobs messages in my inbox link to SO Talent, which I cannot signup/login for

I have a variety of messages in my inbox labeled "jobs message". When I click on any of them, it takes me to This is undesirable in itself; I should not ...
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Migration of questions loses critical information

This question was viewed close to 800 times Apply pop-up does not make it clear which version of resume will be attached. Suddenly this question was migrated from Meta Stack Exchange to Meta Stack ...
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