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How to promote tag synonym proposal [duplicate]

I added the vtl tag synonym to apache-velocity. When I add a suggested tag synonym (I think it's my first), how can I (or the community) promote such a synonym to users? For example, when I suggest ...
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Why tag synonyms doesn't get attention [duplicate]

i suggested a tag synonym for sql from about 2 month but until now it is not accepted or rejected. my question is why not showing the suggested synonyms number on the tag wiki an how can i get more ...
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Sympathy for a tag synonym request required [duplicate]

I was going to suggest that the quartus-ii tag be removed and replaced with as a synonym for quartus. But, it turns out that that had already been suggested here. But nothing happened. Three people (...
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Improving Google Apps Script: tags, tag wikis, excerpts and refs

Preface This project has sprung up from the larger discussion as a standalone effort to make Google Apps Script tags, their excerpts, and wikis more fine-grained, detailed, and resource-full for them ...
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Approving synonyms for non-top tags

I suggested a tag synonym a couple of days ago for stata. However, I then realized that there are really only three (!) active users (including me) that satisfy the (overall and tag-specific) ...
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Expedite Tag Synonym approval for [sql-update] and [sql-server-data-tools]

After following these questions, Why tag synonyms doesn't get attention How to gather support for tag synonyms? Tag synonyms for [virtual-keyboard] It seems like asking a question is the only ...
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Questions with [repeat] are repeatedly tagged with [repeating]

I asked a question How to gather support for tag synonyms?. The answer was to ask on meta to popularize the request. repeat - 1071 Questions "repeat" refers to the action of doing something over ...
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Should we merge/synonym-ise [mirth] and [mirth-connect] tags?

The mirth and mirth-connect mean one and the same thing. Actually Mirth is (was?) the company that own the Mirth Connect product. We do not create tags for company. Tag info for Mirth: (363 questions) ...
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Tag synonyms for [virtual-keyboard]

It seems like the only way to expedite getting tag-synonym approval is to ask a question... I would like to create these synonyms (already requested) for virtual-keyboard (x276): android-virtual-...
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Accept synonym request: [kotlinx.coroutines] -> [kotlin-coroutines] [duplicate]

In a recent question I presented the problem with kotlinx.coroutines being a concept almost identical to kotlin-coroutines, the two having something like a 98% overlap, and users applying the former ...
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Should I ask reviewers to upvote a synonym my edit summary?

I've been pushing to get this synonym suggestion approved for months now, ever since I opened this question in September. For whatever reason, it seems like my suggestion hasn't caught on or gotten ...
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Merge [saml2] into [saml-2.0]

There's been three versions of SAML released: 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0. The version mostly in use is SAML 2.0. There are two tags for that saml2 (35 questions) and saml-2.0 (985 questions). I've suggested ...
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