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Good answers spread in multiple duplicates [duplicate]

All these questions are nearly exactly duplicate of each other: Prevent that a fixed element resizes when zooming on touchscreen [5 answers] How to prevent (bootstrap) fixed top navigation from ...
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Why is Stack Overflow not removing closed questions from the Google index?

People frequently rant about how Stack Overflow's draconian rules stink, too many questions get closed, etc. Regardless of where one stands on that argument, those people often complain that they ...
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What to do when a high rep user answers a low-quality, off-topic or duplicate question?

I've seen several situations where the OP wants to do something that has a very obvious answer, but the obvious answer is the wrong way of approaching things and has been asked before. Then let's ...
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What should you do when you realize you have answered a duplicate question?

I have a question about best current practices regarding a situation where one first answers a question and then later realizes the question is a duplicate. As a concrete example, I answered a ...
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Equality of Duplicates

This question is not about the merits of my answer to the questions discussed below, nor about the specific questions involved. It's about creating greater parity between answers to duplicate ...
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Copying Answers and indicate it

I searched for copying answer and read a few hits but they do not seem to match. In this case What is APO? How to use it (242177) was asked on Oct 28 2008 On Nov 26 2008 it was duplicated by a ...
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How to merge duplicate questions

This close review queue has the question as a duplicate. The two questions are extremely similar. They are: Func vs. Action vs. Predicate -- proposed ...
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Another SO user reversed the dupe target on a pair of questions, closing the canonical of a more specific question [duplicate]

I've been using this question as a canonical for closing questions asking about manipulating inherited properties for quite a while now. Yesterday, a question asking about appending property values ...
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New tag "merge request" to be used website wide

I was scouring the meta SO and I found these gems: Why opinion-based questions cannot be answered or implemented here? a. Is there a less restrictive Stack Exchange site specially suited for not ...
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Closing for duplicate

I have a very difficult choice to do and I feel it is too sensitive. I don't want to do it myself... Duplicate cases: Loop through “selected” Enum values? Iterate over values in Flags Enum? One of ...
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How can I fix multiple variations of the same question?

My question will be clearer with an example If one searches for the phrase "makefile:4: *** missing separator. Stop", one gets many results. I think the oldest question, Make error: missing ...
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