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How much of an effect do deleted questions have on bans? [duplicate]

I have done some reading and learned that good answers can get you out of a question ban, so hopefully I won't be blocked for too long, but how big of an impact do deleted questions have? I have one ...
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My no score, no answer question, I can no longer verify future answers to [duplicate]

I have a question with no answers (or score), for a problem I no longer have, on a system I no longer have access to. So I can never verify the answers. How would I check how busy the HDD is with PHP?...
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Do you get question bans by deleting your own posts? [duplicate]

I have recently been question banned, probably because I keep deleting some of my answers and comments. Sometimes, reading through a question can take a few minutes, and solving it can take another X ...
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Why are deleted questions always considered as a bad thing? [duplicate]

I've just discovered that I'm banned from asking questions on SO and I'm really sad to see that. In total, I have 6 downvotes and 7 upvotes, so I don't understand why I'm considered as a "bad" user. I ...
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Is it bad to delete my own posts? [duplicate]

I know this answer exists but I didn't see it. Say I write and create a long question on SO and while working through it, I am able to write it much more succinct. Should I just create a new question ...
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Purpose of down voting if it resets after deleting [duplicate]

If any user removes his/her down voted answers/questions the reduced reputations points will be re added to the total again. I understand it is always good to remove the bad answers that would lead ...
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Deleting posts with 3 down-votes (but answers provided) for getting "Peer Pressure" badge [duplicate]

Badge Peer Pressure says: "Delete own post with score of -3 or lower". Is it allowed to delete my own post with 3 down-votes if some answers are provided? Will I get a post-ban for it? By the way,...
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Why user cannot delete their own ask question which has answered? [duplicate]

Why user cannot delete their own asks question which has answered? What is the logic behind this restriction.
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Is it acceptable to delete my question if I get downvote? [duplicate]

Is it acceptable to delete my own question if I get a downvote? I have been spending time to create questions with proper support documentation. Even though I got a downvote, I wish to delete it to ...
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Is there any reason not to straight up delete question and re-ask it if it gets put on "hold"? [duplicate]

If I make a question and mess up (or perhaps an overly zealous moderators step in) and the question gets put on HOLD, is there any reason not to straight up delete the question and re-ask it? ...
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Is it frowned upon to prune your own questions and delete inactive ones? [duplicate]

Sometimes when I am struggling with a problem, I'll go and make a Stack Overflow question for it, but as soon as I do, I will continue to thoroughly research it with the intent to try to solve it on ...
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Deleting a question to increase average question quality of a user [duplicate]

I have recently seen that a lot of developers refer to their Stack Overflow account in their resume, and I would gladly join them, since I think, that Stack Overflow activity might be really ...
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Should I delete my old (and now irrelevant) questions which have low view counts? [duplicate]

I'm "cleaning up" my last questions with my own solutions. I found this question of mine (Manipulating the browser chrome in a web extension) while writing this question had 28 views in 369 days. I'm ...
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Should I delete this (my) question? [duplicate]

I asked this question: Attempted delete (or overwrite) of read-only file fails to redirect "STDERR" Dennis van Gils answered correctly, but I feel it was just an obvious mistake on my part ...
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Will deleting questions with no comments or answers get me banned from asking? [duplicate]

Well, I guess the title says it all. Sometimes you post a question, and you realize the mistake only after posting it, when you are reading what you have posted. For instance, you post the question ...
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