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Please ask User Research International to stop posting research study "jobs"

User Research International has been frequently posting and reposting in Jobs "Research Study" listings. These are not contract or career positions. I've been flagging them but they keep coming. ...
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Jobs where they seem to think Stack Overflow doesn't exist

As a semi-retired fellow who answers questions on a website, and hacks on open source projects...I have still at times thought "hey maybe it would be fun to work in an office and sit around and do ...
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What happened to

Whenever I go to I get redirected to The talent site seems to be aimed at companies. I am not a company and would like to get to some job ...
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The Un-shipping of Teams

For almost the past year, we've had Teams in private beta and while we believe in its potential value, after a lot of consideration we've decided to un-ship the idea for the time being. Teams ...
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Reputation earned on Documentation should not unlock certain Stack Overflow privileges [closed]

As we have all heard repeated, reputation represents a basic level of trust. From the MSE faq about reputation: Reputation is a rough measurement of how much the community trusts you; it is earned ...
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Let documentation having its own meta site [closed]

Well, the documentation beta had gone out in the wild today, and MSO is flooded with atypical questions. Wouldn't it be more useful instead of having all of these documentation related tags, to give ...
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Creating a topic which already has good official documentation [closed]

I wonder how can I procced with this situation. The tag kendo-ui have just been open for contribuitions in Documentation and I was about to create a topic, where I want to approach the Templates ...
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Explaining Stack Overflow: Experimenting with About Pages

TL;DR We’re launching a series of tests designed to help us better educate new community members about Q&A and all the new products we’re launching. Many of you already know about all the new ...
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What team member SO Activity should we gather and show on Teams? [closed]

For those who don't know me, I'm a product designer at Stack Overflow, working on the Teams product. If you need a background on Teams, read this awesome post from Tim. We're at a point with Teams ...
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The Developer Story Part 2: We didn't explain that very well

Recently, we presented the community with our idea for the Developer Story to get your thoughts and feedback; and feedback we got! We appreciate all the comments and answers on the original post. In ...
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Introducing the Developer Story [closed]

TL;DR; We're replacing CVs with something you can use even if you aren't currently looking for a job. Update (Jan 4): added an FAQ section to address some common questions & concerns We've had a ...
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Careers Unificintegration: Jobs on Stack Overflow

TL;DR: We're rolling out Jobs on Stack Overflow. Big thanks to the folks who tested early and reported bugs here on Meta Stack Overflow with the jobs tag - keep up the good work! <3 In 2009 Stack ...
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Better communication of short-term and long-term development of SO

Let me start with a bold claim: The triage queue does not work and the majority of votings are just noise. I think there are several reasons for that and there are very interesting suggestions how to ...
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Declining Numbers of Women in Programming, What Can SO do to Help?

Edit Summary for the TLDR People are asking for a summary due to the enormity of this thread of posts and comments. In summary this post is to discuss the link of diminishing numbers of women in ...
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The Power of Teams: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Update A follow-up to this post has been made here: "The Goal of Teams: Our Follow-Up to Your Questions" TL;DR: We're proposing a new area called Teams. The goal is to allow groups (of ...
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