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Bootstrap tags revisited

There's a world of ambiguity and mis-tagging between bootstrap bootstrapping and twitter-bootstrap twitter-bootstrap-2 twitter-bootstrap-3 twitter-bootstrap-4. Can we sort it? The Issues bootstrap ...
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What's with all the bootstrap-* tags? [duplicate]

The twitter-bootstrap tag is particularly confusing thanks to bootstrap being something completely different. Twitter Bootstrap, for those unaware, is a HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework, whereas the ...
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Should [perl6] questions be tagged with the [perl] tag as well?

In How is this Perl sensical, considering Perl 6's type system?, the question was initially tagged with both the perl and perl6. I untagged perl, but @ThisSuitIsNotBlack pointed out that the ...
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How to rekindle burnination requests that failed to ignite? [duplicate]

I came across the rather useless square today, and a quick search showed me a year-old request that got nowhere, yet people are still abusing the tag a couple of times a week. I could, of course, ...
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Do not show deprecated tags in tag autocomplete

I was reviewing this question's suggested edit. Here is a screenshot of it: I thought that the suggested tags were not necessary, so I rejected it. Now my point is about the tag delete: As written in ...
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Developer story tag migrated but not allowed

So when I try to change tags, it's suddenly decided that bootstrap is not allowed. Why is it not allowed? And why was it allowed to be migrated.
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How can we distinguish data.table and datatable questions in R?

Unfortunately, we have two separate functions/packages in R which share the name "data table" — first, there is data.table (3600 questions), the 4th-most popular package nested under r; second there, ...
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"bootstrapping" tag description is not clear enough for new users

I have spent lots of time in the past clearing up questions that misuse the bootstrapping tag. Lots of users use this tag for twitter-bootstrap questions, even though it says clearly at the bottom of ...
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Request to change tag name for Bootstrap [duplicate]

There has consistently been a large amount of accidental use of the bootstrap tag when users intend to use the far more popular twitter-bootstrap. This has been problematic enough that both tag wiki'...
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Deciding between [retag-request] and [synonym-request]

I was about to request the addition of angular2 and angular-2 as a synonym of angularjs-2.0 here on meta, when I found a question asking almost the same thing, but instead of requesting a synonym, it ...
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