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How can I understand this moderator activity on my questions and answers?

When I opened Stack Overflow just now, I saw that a moderator had edited some of my questions and answers. This was probably triggered by some comments under the following post where I was active ...
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Should I comment or answer?

I often find that I comment something which is a correct answer to someone's question (albeit brief or with no explanation), but do not know exactly what to do. Others nudge me to create a proper ...
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This tag should not be [legal]

I propose that we burninate the legal tag. There is no reason for SO to have it. Of the 457 questions tagged with it, 244 of them (53%) are closed of off-topic. I'm sure there are many more which ...
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"FIXED" or variants in question titles [duplicate]

This question is in referral to Writing files in java, changing case and number *FIXED*. What's the official policy on the *FIXED* in the title? Is it useless clutter that should be edited out? I ...
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Should we split questions that contain their own solutions into separate question-and-answer posts? [duplicate]

Sometimes, new users will ask a question, and in the course of exploring it on their own, or in response to comments, they will figure out what the problem was and include the solution in the question ...
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Should we do something about "sqllite" misspelling?

I'm starting this discussion regarding a specific word. Note that I'm well aware that some other typos are more frequent than this one, but I'd like to narrow the discussion to "sqllite" because it's ...
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Solving the (RE)SOLVED title edit issue [duplicate]

Hey this is bugging the crap out of me. It is worse than tags in the title, editing them with (RE)SOLVED like this is some crappy phpBB forum! I know 1442 questions is not that big of a deal to ...
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How to respond to a large number of inconsequential edits [duplicate]

I noticed a <2K user doing mass edits to remove "solved", or similar things, from the titles of questions. The problems I have with this are that They're bumping old content for very little gain ...
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Suggest to post answer / accept one when changing title to "Solved"

I see that many questions contain the title "Solved" in it (see the results yourself). The typical story is that somebody is happy because he found the solution to his issue, so he updates the title ...
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Automatically remove '[solved]' from questions

At least a few hundred questions have [SOLVED], [Solved] or [solved] in their titles. I have removed some, but there are just too many. Can this be automated by the "community user" or so?