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Should a question edit be rolled back if it appears to be a follow-up to an answer? [duplicate]

I have, on occasion, rolled back a user's edit to their own question when it appears to be a new follow-up question - as if to emulate the mechanics of a discussion forum or chat room. Here's an old ...
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How to handle an OP's edit that changes the question [duplicate]

I have answered this question about jQuery and provided some code based on the code posted in the original question. However, after I and others posted answers, the OP changed significantly the code ...
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Modified question after accepting answer [duplicate]

I don't know whether it should be asked or not. A day ago, I have answer on a post. I was sure that, my answer is right. After few minutes later, the user accepted my answer. Today, I have seen ...
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What is a help vampire?

I've seen several posts about help vampires, but I don't really understand what is meant by that phrase. What exactly is a help vampire?
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How to improve an old, bad question when editing may invalidate exising answers? [duplicate]

This question that I asked last year is still receiving downvotes to this day. I've gotten better at programming, and now I realize how stupid the example code in the question is. I edited the ...
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Is it OK to make a clarifying edit to a question if it will invalidate existing answers?

Every now and again, I'll come across a question that was not clearly explained, so much so that users attempting to answer the question end up completely misunderstanding the problem, and end up ...
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Should we rollback to the version which has "format issue" because it has already been answered? [duplicate]

I'm talking about this question. So, the string is: > SEND OK HTTP/1.1 200 OK > Access-Control-Allow- l-Allow-Methods: GET,POST,DELETE > Access-Control-Allow-Headers: X-Requested-With, > ...
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Rollback of an OP edit was rejected

I am looking for feedback about the reject of my suggested rollback. It looks like the OP of this question wants, in some kind, destroy/hide his question. At first he edited his question and ...
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Question with Bounty (+150) got answered and accepted. After discussion in comments the answer was unaccepted (for no reason)) [duplicate]

After seeing that the question had a 150-reputation points bounty, I put a little effort in the question and extended his code. After one question from the questioner in the comment and my answer, the ...
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question with improper example

I asked this question and received a complete answer immediately. The problem is that the example I used inside the question was not appropriate so I edit the question and added new data. The ...
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What to do with questions that are changed after being answered; but that have an accepted answer? [duplicate]

Sometimes a user will edit their question after answers have been posted, making already existing answers obsolete. The common and accepted course of action is to rollback the question to its original ...
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Is it OK for an OP to cut and paste an answer to modify his code in the question without acknowledgment [duplicate]

I am referring to this post The questioner had a number of problems he was trying to overcome with his code, the main issue he was having was how to use a regular expression to extract some values ...
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How do I make the asker understand that edits that change the whole question are not allowed? Can someone please roll it back for me? [duplicate]

I recently answered a question about Tkinter, and the OP accepted the answer. I don't think the OP understands SO's system. I know I can roll it back to one of the good revisions, but I don't have ...
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