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Retiring New Navigation (beta) in preparation for Navigation 3.0

Summary: New Navigation has been removed so we can build similar functionality (plus other improvements) for everyone. I summarized the feedback below to incorporate into the replacement design. (If I ...
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Help set Q&A (TeamDAG) product development priorities

Thanks everyone for your feedback on this post. As expected, there is a lot of passion around how we spend our resources improving Q&A. There is an undeniable desire to see DAG focus on ...
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Is being welcoming mutually exclusive to question quality?

I'm interested in people's ideas about this statement: Being welcoming is not mutually exclusive to question quality. I first saw a variation of it in a comment from the CEO. Respectfully, we ...
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Let me save the intersection of 2+ tags as a favorite

Suppose I'm a C# developer, but I only program in Windows Forms. I might add c# as a favorite tag, but then I get C# web questions too. I might put in windows-forms as a favorite, but then I get VB....
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How am I supposed to moderate and watch any / my top tags using the old navigation?

Judging from the latest edit on Retiring New Navigation (beta) in preparation for Navigation 3.0 the "New Navigation" has been removed and we have gone back to a system of navigation I do not know and ...
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Why isn't there an Unanswered button in Stack Overflow?

On most Stack Exchange sites, there is an Unanswered button on the top of the page: However, on Stack Overflow, there isn't any Unanswered button: Stack Overflow seems to be the only site where this ...
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Triage implementation has been (silently) abandoned midway, how bad is that?

I recently learned that triage development has been abandoned midway: Triage was predicated on us rewriting all of the views. Which... Very nearly happened. And then didn't. (side note for readers ...
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Custom tabs don't roam across clients [closed]

So I set up some custom tabs on my work PC. Awesome. I log on to a different PC, and I've got none of the custom tabs I set up - this is unexpected behaviour, if not a bug.
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How can I search for all questions sorted from newest to oldest that have answers for [swagger]?

I'm trying to learn about Swagger and tried a few things and I'm wondering what are all of the questions that other users have asked and had answered with regards to swagger. So there are two tags [...
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Renaming a tab requires an explicit click on the Save button

When you try to rename a tab, the change appears to stick, but doesn't really. I renamed a tab, using the drop-down menu. The textbox appears, you fill in a new name, and hit enter. I thought that'd ...
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What is the current status of the new tabbed tags navigation?

Fifteen months have passed since the last official update. There's a bunch of feedback from users awaiting response from the developers. The "opt-in" setting on the profile page still says that it is ...
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Sponsored tags not aligned well with ordinary tags

As you can see in the picture below, the tags firebase and firebase-security don't align with each other. This problem seems to be specific to sponsored tags, since ordinary tags align well with ...
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Bug in the new tabbed navigation when adding new tag

I am just exploring the new tabbed navigation and I noticed when I try to add a new tag, and upon clicking the tag that I want from the suggestions, the tag description div comes on the top of the ...
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Will the new question filter ever leave beta?

I ran across the new question filter/nav a couple months ago when Community bumped the meta posts. At the time I didn't see that those post were two years old, and so have been waiting for the new ...
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Search operator for featured question - How to search featured question?

When we search a question on Stack Overflow we could use operators There are many nice search operators like answers:0, lastactive:48h, score:-1 etc. It ...
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