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10 Million Questions - Let's Share Some Stories That the Number Doesn't Convey [closed]

Have a look at this Meta post for the current status of your swag! It's easy to look at numbers; numbers tell us that many developers have been helped by what we built. That alone is very warming and ...
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The Power of Teams: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Update A follow-up to this post has been made here: "The Goal of Teams: Our Follow-Up to Your Questions" TL;DR: We're proposing a new area called Teams. The goal is to allow groups (of ...
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Stack Overflow Teams Sign-up? [closed]

Following The Goal of Teams: Our Follow-Up to Your Questions I wanted to create a Team page for the Hibernate team ( So I followed the instructions in that post and submitted the ...
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A New Silver Badge That Robots Simply Can't Win

We don't do a lot of socialization on Stack Overflow, or even Meta Stack Overflow. In fact, we really don't do any socializing. But, that doesn't mean being social and having informal conversations is ...
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The Un-shipping of Teams

For almost the past year, we've had Teams in private beta and while we believe in its potential value, after a lot of consideration we've decided to un-ship the idea for the time being. Teams ...
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How do active answerers find questions to answer?

Last month, more than 35,000 users submitted at least one upvoted answer on Stack Overflow. It's an inspiration to see how many people are out there willing and able to help fellow devs be more ...
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Explaining Stack Overflow: Experimenting with About Pages

TL;DR We’re launching a series of tests designed to help us better educate new community members about Q&A and all the new products we’re launching. Many of you already know about all the new ...
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What do we want out of teams and how could we make it work? [closed]

When the idea of Teams was announced, many people were cynical and very negative about the idea of Team Q&A. That negativity continued in the wake of clarification and even in the beta ...
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Make Teams require multiple people [closed]

Recently, Hynes posted an RFP (Request For Proposals) on activity people want to see in Teams, and one of the suggestions raised a privacy concern: Voting Activity Discussions about this ...
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Should newly created Stack Overflow Teams be available for use immediately? [closed]

Having read The Teams Private Beta is Starting I creating my first team yesterday. Although I added a description, I see that today my Teams page shows: About Diamond Developers This team has not ...
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Does Teams support Team Q&A, and if not, will it ever support it? [closed]

It was suggested in a comment to my meta question Should newly created Stack Overflow Teams be available for use immediately? that Team Q&A had not been implemented yet, and that it might not be, ...
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Link teams page to company profile on Careers [closed]

The company I work for has multiple teams at various clients, as well as internal project teams. The problem (with regards to the new teams feature) is that we don't all use the same tech stack or use ...
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The Teams Private Beta is Starting [closed]

The Teams private beta is starting now! Here’s what a Team page looks like: What’s Happening Now? For Users That Are Enrolled in the Beta: If you are enrolled in the beta, you should have received (...
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Help build a good "Find The Next Question To Answer" query

Some of you may recall an experiment I ran a month or so ago, the "Answer Similar Questions" hook. It didn't work quite like we'd hoped, but the data suggest there's some promise there. The quality ...
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Feature requests and bugs need more feedback from Stack Overflow developers

The developers at Stack Overflow are doing a great job. There is a steady stream of changes to the site. However, there are a great number of feature-request and bug posts that get no official word ...