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Why was this 'not an answer' flag declined?

Sorry mods, another one of those "a one liner isn't enough of an explanation and I can't fit all of this in another flag" posts. So... What issues should be considered when overriding equals and ...
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Trying to delete my incorrect accepted answer [duplicate]

I have made an answer last month for which I have determined it is not correct. Therefore I tried to delete. Of course this was not possible as the ...
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Why was this highly upvoted answer converted to a comment?

I recently noticed that the top voted answer in How can I create a copy of an object in Python? was deleted and converted to a comment by a diamond moderator. The post in question is this one. For &...
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Can we have the NAA flag description changed?

As many of you know we have a lot of issues with the NAA flag in terms of its usage, and on a weekly basis we get an inordinate number of questions regarding it as opposed to questions regarding the ...
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Person wrote something as an answer because they could - is it still an answer?

Someone has posted something as an answer. It contains code, which, as a rule of thumb, means they have at least made an effort to answer, and thus it can't be flagged as not an answer. https://...
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So this IS an answer?

I flagged this answer as "Not an answer" because it seems to be asking the user to verify some information, which I understand is more appropriately done in a comment. (The answer is now deleted. ...
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Why were four of my comment flags declined?

Up to now I have flagged over 10.000 comments and I was proud to have only 8 of them declined. Therefore, I thought that I have a good feeling for "no longer needed" comments. However, today 4 of my ...
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Is a self-answer of "looks like I had a typo" really not NAA?

This question is a standard "missing a )" typo question, pretty promptly closed as such. After it was pointed out, the OP answered his own question (deleted, 10k+ only) with just "Question due to typo,...
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Flagged a "joke" with a custom flag but it got declined [duplicate]

I flagged this answer the other day with a custom flag. The flag said: This seems to be some kind of weird joke. It's definitely not an answer to the question It got declined with the reason ...
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How to deal with answers that, while technically correct, don't answer the question?

While reviewing I recently came across two answers that were technically correct in themselves but didn't really answer their questions. To avoid the Meta Effect, I'm not linking them here, but I can ...
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Are attempts to answer a non-programming question NAA?

According to Why are answers for completely unrelated languages attempts to answer the question? , answers that attempt to answer a question other than the one asked, for instance by answering with a ...
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Change the name and explanation on NAA flag

"Not an Answer" should be "Not an Attempt to Answer" It currently states: This was posted as an answer, but it does not attempt to answer the question. It should possibly be an edit, a comment, ...
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I can't imagine why this NAA flag was declined

Here is the entire answer: Very safe: Granted, this was accepted years ago and it has 91 up votes. But why is such an ...
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answer as copy of the question, flag declined

This question gives a piece of code and states: Using the above code doesn't work This answer gives the pure exact same code and nothing else. It doesn't event attempt to answer because it ...
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Why have this answer deleted [duplicate]

I came across this question : What is the name of the “-->” operator?, scrolled down a lot to read answers and find this gem: This answer is accurate, taught me something and was highly up-voted. ...
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