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Should I ask a new question in order to make the answer easier to find?

While working on a project recently, I kept running into an issue "randomly", and so I had begun to compose a question about it to post to SO. (Every time I tried searching for the answer, I couldn't ...
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Streamline the process for authors to close their own questions as duplicates

I posted a question today, attempting to get help debugging a problem for which the root cause wasn't clear. A few hours of debugging later, I found the root cause, which turned out to be something ...
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Is it acceptable to ask a question intending to mark it as duplicate? [duplicate]

I ran into a situation that 10 minutes searching could not give me an answer to, and decide to post the question to StackOverflow. While writing the question, the "Questions that may already have ...
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Should I create signpost (duplicate) questions on purpose? [duplicate]

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If I find the answer to a question I'm writing, should I still post it? [duplicate]

I'm currently writing a question and I've come across a similar question with a suitable answer. Should I still post my question that might get marked as a duplicate?
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Ask a question whose duplicate exists but is low quality

I've hypothetically identified a low quality question with an acceptable but not accepted answer. It has been established that one could re-ask a question and immediately close it as duplicate: ...
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