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I found an answer but the question was very different from mine. How can I make the answer easier to find for other people?

I almost always find an answer to a question I have on the internet. Often though the context where the answer is presented is very different from the question I initially had. Many questions also ...
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Is it acceptable to post a duplicate question if the existing question is down-voted but has a correct but unaccepted answer

I fully typed out a question before spotting a potential duplicate in the Similar Questions list. The existing question has been downvoted to -1 but has an unaccepted answer which, I believe, answers ...
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I want to, and do not want to, close my question as a duplicate [duplicate]

I'm torn so I'm asking for input from the community. I asked a question and first, someone answered it. Pretty well and with a great image illustrating the process discussed. Awesome! Then, someone ...
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Deliberately opening duplicate questions as search targets

In the last year and a half I've answered almost 500 questions in the promise tag. We have a rather small community there and we like to open canonicals such as this one this one or that one. They ...
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I posted a canonical Q&A to a problem I solved, but now it's marked as duplicate to an older question with an incomplete solution

I posted a question and answer using "Share your knowledge, Q&A format". This is the question - How to integrate OpenCV into Qt Creator Android project My question was intended to be a canonical ...
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Is it okay to intentionally duplicate a question if you think you can ask it better?

This question is similar, but not quite exactly the same as this one. If the question I want to ask has already been asked and satisfactorily answered, but the way the question could have been asked ...

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