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How much research effort is expected of Stack Overflow users?

I'm well aware that some research effort is expected of Stack Overflow users before they post any new questions, but I'm not sure just how much research effort is considered adequate. I asked a ...
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Can you answer your own questions on Stack Overflow?

As a new Stack Overflow user, I am learning about how to use the system (reputation, etc.). I have had many technical questions that I believe may be useful to post, but I answered them myself. Is ...
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If I find the answer to a question I'm writing, should I still post it? [duplicate]

I'm currently writing a question and I've come across a similar question with a suitable answer. Should I still post my question that might get marked as a duplicate?
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Should I create signpost (duplicate) questions on purpose? [duplicate]

I was just looking for an answer to a question and did not find it. Therefore, I was about to post my own question. But after a lot more digging, I finally found the answer on SO. Should I now post my ...
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Is it acceptable to ask a question intending to mark it as duplicate? [duplicate]

I ran into a situation that 10 minutes searching could not give me an answer to, and decide to post the question to StackOverflow. While writing the question, the "Questions that may already have ...
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What can you do when the question you want to ask is a duplicate?

Someone has a question that they want to ask; but the question (or one that is very similar) has been asked already (and possibly long abandoned). There may be minor changes between the asker's ...
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Is it wrong to use an upvote to balance out a downvote?

I know I can upvote any post for any reason, but consider this situation: I see a zero score post, and I don't think it needs either an upvote or downvote. Suddenly it gets a downvote, but I think ...
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Should I flag a question as duplicate if it has received better answers?

Should I flag a question as a duplicate if it has already received better answer(s) than the original question? If I do flag the duplicate, people are/may be more likely to visit the original ...
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Streamline the process for authors to close their own questions as duplicates

I posted a question today, attempting to get help debugging a problem for which the root cause wasn't clear. A few hours of debugging later, I found the root cause, which turned out to be something ...
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Improvement Proposal: Google Search Hits

Is there some kind of indexing/cataloging mechanism in place that works with google to help existing, "high scoring" (aka legacy) posts get better rank/visibility? From my personal experience, and ...
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Why do you have the option to vote to close your own question? Why would you ever do that?

I've never actually tried to do this to one of my own questions (for obvious reasons), but the site appears to give us the option to vote to close our own questions. The reasons are the same as the ...
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Running out of questions to ask

Whenever I have any coding question, 99.999% of the time I can find the answer - or at least a derivative that leads to the answer, and I am usually very reluctant to post a question because I'm ...
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Delete question or close own post as duplicate?

I recently asked a question on SO, and after a couple days I answered it, but around the same time I determined that it was effectively a duplicate of an older existing post. As such, I thought it ...
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Ask a question whose duplicate exists but is low quality

I've hypothetically identified a low quality question with an acceptable but not accepted answer. It has been established that one could re-ask a question and immediately close it as duplicate: ...
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Should I ask a new question in order to make the answer easier to find?

While working on a project recently, I kept running into an issue "randomly", and so I had begun to compose a question about it to post to SO. (Every time I tried searching for the answer, I couldn't ...

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