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Since when is "People on this site are idiots." not considered rude? [duplicate]

I have found this post in the reopen queue: How do I fetch a second image in javascript? The edit to the post not only did not make it suitable for reopening, but was a straightforward offense, so I ...
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An asker inserted insults in a question edit; a ‘rude or abusive’ flag was raised in response. Why was it disputed?

After two edits to a post to remove salutations (and fix typos) the OP rolled back the revisions and edited this into the post: Edit: Can you like Fuckoff Mr. "insert user name" ? what a ...
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Do moderators look at the revision history before declining a flag?

I marked this question as offensive since it contained swear words in the output log. Anyway my flag got rejected with declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support ...
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Is defacing own posts worth a mod flag?

Some users engage in destructive behaviours against their own post(s). They may want to dissociate the post(s) from their account, or are simply going in a frustrated rampage. This kind of defacing is ...
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Why is this question heavily downvoted but not closed?

I was just curious to know why this question would receive bundles of downvotes. But the most amazing thing is, why is this question not closed currently? Are downvotes independent of close votes?
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Correction for the "Be nice" page in the Help Center

We recently had a question on the use of the offensive flag. This isn't the first time this has happened: In what cases can the "offensive" flag be used? Is "bigotry of any kind" ...
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Prevent others editing a question in the first 5 minutes

In early times of Stack Overflow, people agreed on giving an OP time to do the first edits of their question on their own, especially when someone is new and the question is less than a few minutes ...
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Declined flag for edited post

I have a recent declined rude/abusive flag on Stack Overflow where apparently the post was edited into shape from underneath. Is there any way to get the declined status cleaned up in this scenario? ...
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Should I be worried about a declined rude/abusive flag because the answer was edited within the grace period?

I have flagged an answer as rude/abusive, because it was really rude at the time I saw it. It was something like You are so stupid, if you can't figure out yourself. The answer was edited during the ...
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Offensive flag declined

I was reviewing my flags a few hours ago. I noticed that one of the posts I flagged as an offensive was declined. I flagged this question which was deleted later. It contained a bad word in it. This ...
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What should I do if my question invoked negative or off-topic comments? [duplicate]

Should I delete that question and post again with fixes to prevent such comments? I think these comments are not helping at all, instead are just messing, but at the same time I feel guilty that the ...
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