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I cannot retract my suggested edit to a tag

Can a moderator reject my edit to a tag? I edit it and I found I cannot withdraw my operation.
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I recently made a suggested edit to a question (nothing major, just fixed some formatting). However, while I was doing so, someone else (with edit privileges) did a better job of that. So now my ...
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My edit should be retracted [duplicate]

I don't have enough reputation to undo my edit, but it should be retracted because after editing an answer I realized that it was actually a question. Is there a way to have it retracted? https://...
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What can I do to avoid edit collisions that leave a post in a bad state?

Just before I left my computer yesterday, I saw this question. At the time that I viewed the question, no edits had been made to it. The question had all of the user's code as plain text so I made a ...
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How to clear my pending edit question queue? [duplicate]

I edited some question and sometime when I want to edit new question see a message Like: The pending edit queue is full, and I must wait to one of edited question review and edit new question. Now I ...
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Can I cancel my edit pending for review? [duplicate]

I don't have enough reputation on any SE site to bypass the peer review phase for edits. Is there a way to undo or delete my edit suggestion?
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Can I delete my own edit suggestion? [duplicate]

A few times now I've improved code formatting on a few questions, but while I was improving the formatting the owner of the question changed their code (which I am not aware of at the time of ...
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How to cancel my own Wiki edit? [duplicate]

After editing a Wiki tag, I understood that I made an error and the modification was not relevant (It was already in another tag). How to cancel it, so it not reviewed and rejected ? https://...
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Revoke own edit [duplicate]

I have made an edit but soon after realized that I was mistaken. As my edits aren't automatically approved, yet, it is now pending in peer review. I want to revoke my own edit, is that possible?
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Is there any way to undo a suggested edit? [duplicate]

So I was editing a question this morning that had half of its relevant code accidentally commented out. These kinds of edits are generally quick, easy, and obvious, so it's easy for another editor to ...
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