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Is it okay to downvote answers to bad questions?

I'm referring to this, (screenshot for <10K) question in particular, where the question was clearly not of the best quality, but my answer to it addressed the issues with it. Is it okay to downvote ...
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Keep the love of puns [burninating] in our hearts

Why do people have a little [pun] with their retag and burninate requests? was asked middle of last year. The consensus was pretty clear: puns are a good way to lighten up an otherwise deadly dull ...
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Clean-up by downvoting? A ridiculous user experience

I was wondering how I suddenly got 5 6 downvotes on a 5-year-old, and well-upvoted answer (10k link) screenshot. After some hunting around... There are just a few questions & answers needing to ...
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Should we burninate this tag [once] and for all?

I was very surprised that the once tag exists at all. It even has a tag description: Once: The code or operation is meant to fire only one time, typically only on the first execution. This tag can ...
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Urgh, there exists a "web3.0" tag?

Seriously, what value do these have: web2.0 (x106) web3.0 (x14) and would anyone miss them if I started editing them out of questions?
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The [master] tag has been burninated

The master tag has 513 really scattered questions and has no wiki/excerpt. Based on the "related tags" it seems that this tag is used for: source control (especially Git) master branches ...
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We have a [flappy-bird-clone] tag? Really?

flappy-bird-clone I think this tag should be burninated, as I can't see it being useful to anyone, but maybe I'm wrong on this?
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We are not reeking of [code-smell]

This tag has been burninated. Please do not recreate it. If you need advice on which tag to use, see the answer below. If you see this tag reappearing, it may need to be blacklisted. One ...
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Evaluation of SOCVR's Burnination Process

Attention if you're looking for the official process please see the FAQ post: What is the process for tag removal (burnination)? All what you read here is captured, extended, improved and maintained ...
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Will they [let] us burninate this tag?

Related to the [var] burniantion proposal. I first noticed the tag thanks to this important JavaScript question let (about 500 questions) In Lisp-like and functional languages, introduces a list ...
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Plugging the holes in the burninate-system

For the past few years, we've been following a very well formed system for burnination based on Shog's long-term vision. The system has been very successful, and we have managed to complete many ...
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Why was my duplicate question deleted?

I asked a question a long time ago shown here: Today I noticed in my reputation tab today that ...
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Should we merge the tag [double-checked] into [double-checked-locking]?

I observe that as at 2016-02-10 the tag double-checked has a mere 10 questions, which do not look to me significantly different from those under double-checked-locking. (Both tags also apparently have ...
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Stop using [burninate]

I have a feeling that this will go over like a lead balloon, but I have to ask! The term "burninate" is both childish and exclusionary! There is no such word! It only means something to a small ...
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Moderators need to be reined in, and stop being rule-abiding; these are not rules, but "guidelines"

This is becoming ridiculous: Moderators seem to have a serious talk with the rest of the community. They have unilaterally decided that "rules" need to be enforced with the maximum effect, ...
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