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Failed audit for suggesting OP post on Code Review [duplicate]

Audit in question IMO, as this is a question relating to a fully functional program, and solely interested in optimizations, it may have been suited over on the Code Review SE. I "posted" a comment ...
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Failed audit because I commented [duplicate]

I'll admit that I've been sloppy when it comes to reviewing and failed a number of audits in the past. I've been trying to step up my game. I failed this last audit because I tried to leave a comment ...
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I didn't pass the First Post review queue test [duplicate]

As this is about the specific question I faced, I'm not sure any of the previous answers help me. In this question, the answerer suggest downgrading a specific library to a previous version, without: ...
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First post review audit failed [duplicate]

I failed review audit when reviewing the following post: I commented something similar to - "Did you try? What was the result?", since the ...
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Question about how to fail audits [duplicate]

There are many questions about failed audits, but none that seem to address the particular use case I encountered just now (maybe this one is the closest). Hope I won't get slammed as a new reviewer ...
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Review audit failed after just clicking "add comment"

I had a review audit yesterday, and apparently the answer was a "good answer." I don't disagree that the answer was good, I wasn't going to downvote or flag, simply leave a comment. But as soon as I ...
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Why was this software support question considered "high quality"?

Link to the audit here I failed an audit that was asking about software support for Xcode by leaving a comment. Why is a software support question appropriate for Stack Overflow and not an Xcode-...
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Failed FP audit due to downvote. Is my mental rule for downvoting wrong? [duplicate]

I just failed an audit in First Posts which now locks me out for 2 days. While I perfectly understood why I failed before (misclicked button, misinterpreted problem statement), I was puzzled by that ...
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Appeal for suspension due to commenting on an question that doesn't have any code

I got suspended for reviewing for 4 days due to this review. I didn't expect that clarifying a question with no code would get me suspended. (I only commented on the question). I was asking what ...
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How to deal with falsely failed audits?

The current audit system for the First Post queue audits currently considers commenting on a post as a negative action. I recently came across this audit question, where I intended to leave a comment ...
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"stop and listen" false alert when adding a comment [duplicate]

Reviewing first-time posts, I got a "STOP AND LISTEN" audit failure after I had added a comment suggesting to improve the question. (Next thing I wanted to do is click on "Looks OK"...
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Incorrectly failed first post review audit because of a *positive* comment on a good answer [duplicate]

While reviewing the First Posts queue I was presented this question. It seemed like a very good question for which I wanted to compliment the first poster. I added a positive comment that also ...
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