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What to do with a user defacing or even spamming his own questions? [duplicate]

So... I stumbled across a spammy-looking title: Sense by Hello wakes you up feeling great, improves your sleep, and helps you learn how the environment of your bedroom affects your rest and ...
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OP accepts answer, then vandalizes the question [duplicate] I provided an answer, which was accepted by the OP. After that point the OP has vandalized the question to remove all the code, and engaged in an edit war ...
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Why could this spammy edit be approved? [duplicate]

I saw this weird edit by a new user (rep <100), which made it to my list of questions. My question is, why could that be approved in the first place, since it is obviously not a good edit? Was it ...
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User removed content from question [duplicate]

I was now upvoting questions when stumbled across a very peculiar question with a behaviour never seen up to this point. In this question, OP edited the content of the question to content has ...
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Why was BalusC temporarily suspended from SO?

I hope this is the right place to ask this, but I was just browsing the JSF tag and saw BalusC, one of SO's top users, was banned. See Now I looked at the ...
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What flags are automatically raised by the system?

I recently had a flag declined. The moderator said it was the same as an automatically-raised flag, and, therefore, I was wasting my flag and my time in flagging it again. However, I didn't know this. ...
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Edit war: How do I raise a flag without getting declined by moderator?

I have observed an edit war on SO. The OP keeps on editing the question by replacing the original (answered) question with junk text, while >2k users are trying to keep the original: Question 1 ...
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In what cases can the "offensive" flag be used?

I recently saw an answer where the OP had edited it to be offensive, & I flagged it. The flag was declined as declined - Rolling back the edit was clearly the correct thing to do, not flag.: I ...
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How much change to the question is too much?

I answered a Bounty question AddHandler not working for .php files - Apache 2.4 The scope of the original question was narrow but, as you can see, revision 3 changed the scope of the question (...
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Flag vandalized posts for moderation even if no one took action?

First of all I am aware of the automatic flags raised if a user vandalizes multiple posts and/or gets involved in a rollback war. However I recently stumbled across a quite simple question which was ...
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Shouldn't we ban a user for spamming suggested edits?

When I got this edit in Suggested Edits Review queue, I thought it is a Review Audit. But unfortunately I proved wrong for the first time in Suggested Edits! However, after some more review, I got ...
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What the heck is this user doing with his question?

Structure pointer operator Edit History: Part of me thinks that he is trying to deface his own question because his tutor found out he was using ...
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What defines a roll-back war and at what point do roll backs trigger auto mod flags?

I answered this question An edit I made to a question's title was rolled back... Where and how can I discuss this?. In which there are two roll backs now to a SO question. There are references to ...
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An edit I made to a question's title was rolled back... Where and how can I discuss this?

I edited (perhaps too much) a title so that it would bring clarity. I did the edit after I replied to the OP by the way... Here is a screenshot of the edit history for the question. Where can I ...
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