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Why has the community's response to simple questions changed? [duplicate]

Almost 14 years ago, the question What does the "yield" keyword do? was asked in the python tag. It has since become the most upvoted question in the tag, with over 12000 upvotes. However, ...
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How on Earth can this kind of question be so appreciated? [duplicate]

I found the Manually raising (throwing) an exception in Python question today. No doubt that it has good answers. But the question itself is too broad and doesn't show any research effort. I thought ...
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Why does it seem all the upvotes on Stack Overflow are from 2008? [duplicate]

Look at the posts in C# sorted by upvotes. The majority of the non-wiki posts are from 2008-2009, which doesn't make any sense. This is because more users should be accessing the site than before, ...
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Closed questions with high scores [duplicate]

For instance this: With a vote of over 110 and the top answer earning 100 votes, it seems that quite a number of users of ...
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How to act against old, highly upvoted but also off-topic questions? [duplicate]

Few days ago, I came across this question bumped to home page because someone added a new answer. The question itself has nothing to do with programming, even though it has a lot of up-votes, and ...
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Should very old questions be updated to newer standards?

For example I am often Removing "tags" from the title of questions. Now I see a question like CSS: How to make background-image above background-color in a list that clearly falls into this ...
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Are questions about "how to ask" off topic on SO? [duplicate]

Came across this question today: How to ask high quality reproducible questions in Stata I do appreciate the effort the OP has put in and both question and answer seem to be well thought out, helpful ...
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Why are there so many questions closed as off-topic that have many upvotes?

I've seen many questions on Stack Overflow that are closed as off-topic, saying that it's based on opinion, but there are tons of upvotes and WE LEARN stuff. For example, this one: Docker for ...
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I have a question on hold, it is similar to other successful questions, what is wrong with it?

My SO question is on hold. I do not see how it is different from many other open-ended questions such as What is a ...
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Shouldn't "really popular" closed questions be re-assessed or re-opened automatically?

If: "Stack Overflow is a place for programmers to share information relevant to other programmers" (Source) …and, if: "…each community decides which specific topics are and are not allowed on ...
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