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Why is my tag score so low? [duplicate]

My C++ tag badge says 49/100. When I click on the settings to choose which badge to follow, it says 97/100. Is there some hidden sense to this? I would like to understand why my score is only 49, so ...
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How often is tag badge tracking updated? [duplicate]

I'm wondering whether I've misunderstood how tag badge tracking works. I've recently answered some Python questions, with up-votes, but that hasn't made its way into the 'Next tag badge' panel. It ...
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(Possible bug) Next tag badge: score isn't changed [duplicate]

I've found this ticket: (Possible bug) Issue in next tag badge progress bar, but it seems it wasn't fully fixed till now. What I've noticed: score in next tag badge doesn't change its value (while ...
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Why is tracking next tag so outdated? [duplicate]

This is a screenshot of my next tag budget for the Swift tag: That information is incorrect, as I have 9 answers with a total score of 4 for swift. A few answers are also accepted. So why is that ...
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Badge tracking bar stuck [duplicate]

I've noticed that in my account, if I select "Track the next tag badge" the progress bars are not progressing. I know that they doesn't get updated instantly, but, for example, my Java badge has been ...
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Tag Badge Progess not updating [duplicate]

If I configure my profile to show "Next tag badge" in the Reputation widget in my profiles Activity, this progess is not tracked. The value stays the same for days at time. Only by re-selecting the ...
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Why is there a difference between tag badge score in graph and tags block? [duplicate]

In my activity section , the score of html tag badge is different in graph and tags section. Below are the screenshots for the same: Graph Section Tag Section Is there a difference between the two?
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Inconsistency between scores? [duplicate]

I was having a look to my MATLAB tag scores, and I realize there is a big difference between the scores shown in the "track next tag" in my profile and the score shown in the tag "top users". The ...
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What's the right approach for a "me too" report of a bug?

I recently experienced a bug on SO and found that it has been reported already, but apparently with limited attention. Since I'm not familiar with bug reporting on SO-meta and since I do not want to ...
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Incorrect score in tag badge (again)

Well I have seen many questions about this problem in tag badge score. All point to this one: Tag score is shown incorrectly in the next badge tracker section and I found in the comments that if I ...
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The legendary badge is calculated incorrectly when being viewed as your "Next badge"

I'm pretty close to receiving the legendary badge, and I noticed that the "Next badge" popup seems to calculate today's rep incorrectly. As you can see, it states that I have 140/200 rep for the day, ...
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Badge tracking stuck again? [closed]

There's a large discrepancy between badge tracking using track next badge and tag score as shown on the profile and when choosing which badge to track. This was an issue back in 2015, but got fixed, ...
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Profile Page Track Next Badge Showing Wrong Number

On my profile page, when I set it to track next badge, it tells me I am at 248/400 for score on the silver python badge. Meanwhile, the popup dialogue that lets me pick which one to track says my ...
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