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What does reviewing low quality posts get me? [duplicate]

What does reviewing low quality posts get me? Please explain to me why spend time doing this for you.
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What is the reason for a reviewer make a review? [duplicate]

I think most of the users are trying to review only because of some pixels, which are named badge. And since this is only one thing user gets for spending his own time, I don't see any reason to do ...
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What is the purpose of Reviewing after reaching Steward? [duplicate]

Many of us might have come across this stage where we have reviewed 1000 questions and answers and gained the Steward gold badge. Already after passing the 2000 reputation limit, we already noticed ...
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Is there such a thing like reputation creep in SO? [closed]

Before getting to reputation creep, I'd like to clarify first power creep. In game development, power creep is where players have so much power that they don't do "mundane" tasks anymore. For those ...
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How about paying content makers? [duplicate]

I don't have a good model for this as yet.. I'll be thinking about it. But I'd like to hear the community's thoughts on it. Content creators/curators on SO (and SE in general) are the driving force ...
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