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How is "duplicate's search" motivated by rating or badges on Stack Overflow?

Who are people who flag duplicate questions? How are they motivated to do this (highly helpful) job? I'm asking because I do not see how the review system and provided tools could motivate anybody to ...
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Are moderation/curation activities rewarded? [duplicate]

First things first: I'm not asking this question for the reputation points' sake. I'm just interested whether the [pro]active moderation of the posts (questions and answers), namely: voting for ...
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Is there such a thing like reputation creep in SO? [closed]

Before getting to reputation creep, I'd like to clarify first power creep. In game development, power creep is where players have so much power that they don't do "mundane" tasks anymore. For those ...
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Good job, everyone!

This is a thank you post to all the curators/moderators/custodians of this site, but also to the Stack Exchange Inc for creating such an amazing platform with such high standards of quality. If you ...
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How about paying content makers? [duplicate]

I don't have a good model for this as yet.. I'll be thinking about it. But I'd like to hear the community's thoughts on it. Content creators/curators on SO (and SE in general) are the driving force ...
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