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Is there a feature on Stack Overflow that let you manage your favorite questions based on categories? [duplicate]

Currently I have 52 questions in my Favorites tab; that number is definitely going to increase in the future. Is there any feature on Stack Overflow that allows me to manage those questions based on ...
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Allow for categorizing favorites [duplicate]

I have a suggestion regarding marking a question as favorite. Stack Overflow provides this feature and I can go in my profile and see list of favorites. But, over time, this list gets too long and ...
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Help me to remember and get back to posts that I can improve [duplicate]

I use Stack Overflow a lot in work, and even though I'm most often not in answering-mode these days, every now and then I stumble upon a question that I feel I should contribute to, or even one of my ...
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How to classify my favorite questions? [duplicate]

I want to add categories to my favorite questions (for example, I want to add folders customizing, then put questions into different folders). If do it like this, when I want to review my favorite ...
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Collections for favorite questions [duplicate]

Once I mark a certain question to favorite, it can be due to multiple reasons: Might answer later Interesting Just in case I may need it in the future Has to do with what I am doing currently (This ...
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Labels for favorites [duplicate]

I enjoy marking useful or interesting questions as favorites. Most of the time it's because I could have the same problem in the future, and I want to bookmark the working answer or some posted ...
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Follow-up reminder option for posts

Very rarely, I run into a situation where Stack Overflow essentially says to me "can't do that now, come back later". For example, I've already close-voted on a post, and wish to take advantage of my ...
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Should we not have a "Read-it-later" functionality?

I know, in its core Stack Exchange sites are Question/Answer sites. But I was wondering if an option would be useful for us where we could mark a question or answer or comment for reading later. And a ...
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Grouping favorite questions into lists on your profile

I favorite some questions from time to time, but usually they are related to a specific project I am working on. For example, while working on Project A (a Java Project), I might favorite a couple of ...
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Mark question to add it to a "to answer" list

There have been certain times where I was working on SO via a mobile device and saw questions I could answer, but needed some other resources (not available on my mobile device). Not wanting to just ...
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Idea of bookmarks

I'm using SO for almost 2 years, I learned how it works, and recently I started using the "star" button to collect interesting questions. It's OK so far, as it's the only way (except for browser ...
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Organizing and archiving activities is not usable enogh

The way of searching through my question and answers is messy. i.e Why I should supply a search field with data that may be corrupted: I think another UI rather than placing user ID in the search ...
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