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Isn't [scope] out of scope? [duplicate]

The tag scope doesn't have a clear scope! It doesn't have a tag wiki either and the tag info reads "Scope is an enclosing context where values and expressions are associated. Use this tag for ...
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Deinstantize the instances [instance] and [instances]!

Why do we need both instances and instance? The questions look the same and the tag wiki for instances is very minimal: a specific realization of any object. It currently has 352 questions, and so ...
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Help me understand how this edit rejection criterion applies

I don't understand how my edits to this question do not improve its readability "even a little," and I suspect that the canned explanation is shorthand for something that I'm not fully aware of. Can ...
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This concerns some 2,694 questions today, in 16 tags (+1 synonym) that are all related to upper & lower case text. Some of these tags were previously discussed in Merging [case-sensitive] and [...
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Clean up [pod] tag

The word Pod is used in many different context and has very different meaning in each context. I suggest that the tag should be cleaned up and the questions should be tagged with more specific tags ...
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The [simplify] tag is simply bad

The simplify tag has 672 questions and 8 watchers. The tag info and wiki say: This tag refers to the process of making something simpler or smaller in order to increase its efficiency, usability, or ...
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Purpose of the [function], [method], [variable], etc. tags

Can someone please explain to me the use for the tags function, method and variable. I don't feel like they add anything to the question, as these concepts are very basic. I'm not necessarily saying ...
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Misspelled tag "finetunning"

The tag finetunning has 54 questions as of writing. The tag name is misspelled; it should be "fine-tuning". (Or deleted, I suppose.)
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What, if any, is an appropriate use for the [loops] tag?

The tag wiki summary for loops reads: Loops are a type of control flow structure in programming in which a series of statements may be executed repeatedly until some condition is met. There is ...
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What is considered a meta tag and should meta tags be banned / burninated / removed?

I notice lots of tags that seem kind of meta to me Examples: animation, 3d, depth, shader, performance, 2d, sprite, raycasting, textures, alpha-blending, shaders, array, graphics, blending, frame-rate,...
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How was my edit defacing or destructive? [duplicate]

The two reviewers of agreed that This edit defaces the post in order to promote a product or service, or is deliberately destructive. I'm ...
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Is it time for [static] to be moved?

I realized today that my next tag badge is static: I'll soon be an expert! Choice morsels from the tag excerpt: Static is a term used in some programming languages to define a function or data ...
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How to deal with tag synonyms for generic tags like [scope]?

I came across the tag scoping (over 200 questions), and would like to suggest it as a synonym for scope. However, I don't (and may never) have 5 points in the scope tag. My question is, how should we ...
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Did I use this tag correctly?

I edited a question, which asked about the scope of variables, thus I used variables, since (luckily) I couldn't find something like Python-variables. However, its wiki scares me: THIS IS ...
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