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Warlords of Documentation: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

It’s been 7 years and 10,000,000+ Questions since Stack Overflow was launched. The amount of good that has been done for the field - all the developers helped, all the person-hours saved, all the ...
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10 Million Questions - Let's Share Some Stories That the Number Doesn't Convey [closed]

Have a look at this Meta post for the current status of your swag! It's easy to look at numbers; numbers tell us that many developers have been helped by what we built. That alone is very warming and ...
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Stack Overflow helped me with my problem: on which network can I share my success story?

Recently, I encountered a challenging integration issue with Spring and was unable to find help as I live in a remote Sub-Saharan African region. I turned to Stack Overflow and posted my question. To ...
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What makes you improve this site so much?

First, let me say that this is not intended to insult anyone; I am just wondering why you all put in so much effort in editing, flagging, improving, and - if that's not enough - even discussing ...
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Google is mixing GitHub and Stack Overflow

I don’t know if anybody cares, but Google is apparently mixing up GitHub and Stack Overflow: You can find this at the bottom of every Google Glass documentation page. I propose that a Stack Exchange ...
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What is my first / last name?

Today I received the long-awaited email: I eagerly opened up the email, then followed the link to the form: As I began to fill out the form, I got very confused. What does Your First / Last name ...
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Why only top users on the 10 million page?

First of all, congratulations to all of us for making the 10 million mark. To explain what I am talking about here's the picture: I can see Jon Skeet and other top users. Wouldn't it make more sense ...
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Got a Stack Overflow mug - Don't know from where?

I recently got a Stack Overflow mug with no details of sender. Is Stack Overflow giving away these mugs?
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What drives you to be active on Stack Overflow?

I am a team lead at an IT company with 5 years of experience. Recently, me and my team have reached a maturity level where we all realize that we do not give back enough to the community. We are ...
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Request for reopening the room "Android Era with Kotlin and Java"

It's been a rough time for our chatroom for the last few weeks. We tried our best to stop it, but at the end it was not sufficient to keep the room alive. But after discussing with Jon and my fellow ...
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Is there any way to get Stack Overflow swag through competitions or challenges or any other way?

I am a newcomer with skills in C++ and Java, also holding hands on HackerRank and HackerEarth. Any quick ways to get swags through Stack Overflow or any other sites?
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Will Stack Overflow celebrate the 20 million questions milestone?

Stack Overflow is going to reach 20 million questions in a few days. Will there be any celebrations, like for 10m questions?
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