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Linking to an open ticket pertaining to the problem question is about is wrong? [duplicate]

I don't get it, a guy was pointing out some problem in Spring, I've filled a ticket for the exact same problem and got it accepted. So why was my answer linking to the ticket deleted/converted to a ...
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What do I do if a question I asked turned out to be a platform bug?

I posted a question which turned out to be a bug in the platform I was using. What should my next course of action be? I think it should still be discoverable for other people who have the same issue, ...
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What to do with a question which has no solution for the "asker"

I asked a question some time ago now. I was trying to understand what I was not understanding of an interface, and in the comments came out it was (likely) a bug in the interface itself. I opened a ...
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Are bug report-ish questions in the scope of SO?

I've found this question about a possible bug in Google App Purchases and was about to flag it because I think it doesn't belong on SO, but should be reported as a bug to the relevant tracker. ...
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Should I delete a question of mine which I feel is no longer relevant?

A couple of years ago I asked question about getting version X of foo to work with version Y of bar. It got some upvoted answers (my own question is at 0 votes). These days, both X and Y are not the ...
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“Owners”/“Officials” for a tag

I came across this complaint by Brian Lagunas, the owner of Prism, about his answer to Why GoBackAsync() doesn't fire on OnNavigatedTo() method of previous page? And it got me to thinking, we can ...
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Clarification regarding specific First Post question

I ran across this question while going through the first posts queue. I skipped it because, while it felt wrong to me, I didn't know exactly how to respond. The OP is trying to embed an excel document ...
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Why was my custom flag declined?

I flagged this answer: No, this is not possible. What effect are you trying to achieve? With the following custom reason: This answer, while just barely technically an answer, doesn't serve to ...
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Should I close my question if I've upgraded the problem scenario away?

I asked a question where I have outlined a very specific communication scenario between two systems using two specific versions of software (the question; no arbitrary voting, please). One of the ...
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Declined NaA flag although the answerer agreed to flag

I flagged this but the flag was declined. But as you can see the author of the answer agreed that this is not an answer.
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Are bugs welcome?

After more than two years on the Stack Exchange community I learned that bugs are not to be solved here, so they don't provide useful content on the sites. They should not be deleted but closed. Now ...
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Should this answer deleted as link-only be undeleted?

The answer was deleted with the comment While this link may answer the question, it is better to include the essential parts of the answer here and ...
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What constitutes an answer to a bug report?

This watchOS 3 beta 3 bug report doesn't appear to contain a question. I think this is a good illustration of Are bug report-ish questions in the scope of SO? Since then, an answer has been posted: ...
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