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Question dupehammered with tag added in edit? [duplicate]

Some user added the c# tag to this question after I voted to close as duplicate. Another user then close-voted the question as well, and now the question page shows it's been dupehammered by the ...
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Should there be a deterrent for answering obvious duplicate questions?

When someone asks a questions on SO, they are expected to check that the question was not asked before. It is even worse if the question has been asked some 20 times before, because it shows little ...
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When did I get close-vote superpowers?

I just marked this question as a duplicate all by myself. I am not a moderator and I don't think this should be possible. Did I miss something?
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Penalty for answering help-vampire questions? Or reward closure? [duplicate]

In javascript, I often come across answers from a certain user on typical help vampire questions. Questions that should be closed as duplicates, instead of being answered. You know the type: No ...
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Is the dupehammer (Mjölnir) still being evaluated, and if so, what is the current outcome?

Somewhat more than a year ago, the mighty Mjölnir (or dupehammer) was rolled out. With this feature, gold badge holders for a tag can close-vote questions in that tag as duplicate with only one vote ...
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Shouldn't we revert reputation gains for answers to closed questions?

Since the raison d'etre for the reputation score/gamification is to motivate people to produce good content for the site, and closed questions are by definition not considered good content for the ...
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Dupe hammer missed the target?

Let's start by saying that I'm loving the new gold badge duplicate hammer! However, when visiting this question, which is obviously a duplicate, the hammer fails =( My logical assumption is that ...
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Dupehammer doesn't work after tags removed?

I voted to close this question because I believed it to be an asynchronous call with fetch. Turns out the GAS (Google Apps Script) fetch is synchronous, so people pinged me asking for a reopen. I ...
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Can "creative use" of the dupe hammer go too far? [duplicate]

Look at this creative (mis)use of Mjoelner here and here. The situation is : A question is answered and accepted Oct 22 '16 at 15:33 by "User Zero" with +100 upvotes. The answer is maintained and up ...
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Allow dupe hammer for required tag(s)

Closely related: I understand that it is by design that editing question's tags ...
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I edited the tags but didn't lose my ability to hammer

Here are some excerpts from pages describing Mjölnir: It now lets you single-handedly close as duplicate unless you have participated in editing the tag (either by adding the tag yourself, or ...
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Dupe Hammer Quirk when editing a question's tags

I fully understand that if I edit a question's tags by adding a tag I normally have dupe hammer privileges for, my dupe hammer isn't honored in such a case (presumable to avoid abuse). That's fine. ...
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