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Questions with pictures of code [duplicate]

I am sure many of you have seen several questions where the OP posts a picture of their code instead of copy and pasting. Is it possible to have a small warning or such present when the user is ...
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Reputation points for images is a problem for visual languages

There are questions on StackOverflow about LabVIEW, a graphical programming language. A new user does not have enough reputation points to post images with their questions, but for any graphical ...
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Add indication that canned comments are from review

I've had more than a few new users take the low quality review comments personally, some even going as far as arguing, revenge voting, and so on... I find myself needing to explain the review process ...
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Code on screenshots audit

I just failed this audit. I voted to close it as Questions seeking debugging help ("why isn't this code working?") must include the desired behavior, a specific problem or error and the shortest ...
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Allow posting images even for new users, when the question would benefit from it

Currently new users aren't allowed to post images. This ban was implemented for fear of spammers, and later justified by noting that it actually cut down on screenshots of code and other text. As an ...
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Are there any issues with posting screenshots of books/pages?

I don't recall ever seeing this before so I am not sure if it is acceptable or not. I found this question which contains a couple of images which appear to be screenshots taken from an electronic book....

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