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Failed review audit due to a possible misunderstanding of what is off-topic [duplicate]

Today I failed the following audit, after marking the question as "Off-topic: no specific problem or error": Please help me understand how the above example does not fit the following definition: ...
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A failed review audit on a question that looks for resource [duplicate]

I failed a review audit on Close Votes today: I vote to close it as off-topic because it looks like a question that's looking for recommendation of resource. Doesn't it meet this reason? Questions ...
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Link-only answer suggesting 3rd party libraries is "a high quality post"? [duplicate]

I was reviewing the "First Posts" queue and came across a java question about fixing a OutOfMemoryError. The answer to review suggested two 3rd party libraries to use instead and linked only to a off-...
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Review audit failure for image topic [duplicate]

I'm trying to review a few first posts/answers. And here comes my first review audit failure. I have no idea, why. It's about this post:
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Is this a valid review audit failure? [duplicate]

Are answers that simply link to other answers acceptable? The audit process says they are. What are your thoughts on this?
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Failed audit on question which doesn't seem programming-related [duplicate]

I just failed an audit here, and I don't understand why. It doesn't seem to fall under any of the categories listed in What topics can I ask about here? a specific programming problem: No. a software ...
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Failed FP audit due to downvote. Is my mental rule for downvoting wrong? [duplicate]

I just failed an audit in First Posts which now locks me out for 2 days. While I perfectly understood why I failed before (misclicked button, misinterpreted problem statement), I was puzzled by that ...
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Is that question on topic at all? [duplicate]

I've just failed an audit on that question: Remove Achievement from iTunes Connect Game Center Maybe I don't get something, but I can't see how it should be on topic. It's not about the programming, ...
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Non-programming question used as "good content" in close vote audit [duplicate]

I just failed an audit question with Line of Business Apps not installable - “This app has been blocked due to company policy” However this looks to be way off-topic, as it is not programming-related ...
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Why is this answer considered "very poor quality"? [duplicate]

In reviewing first posts, I failed an audit which suggests that this answer is of very low quality (I marked it as no action needed). I feel that, while it is not necessarily a great answer, it does ...
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I didn't pass a review audit [duplicate] was brought up on the Triage queue ( I naturally flagged it ...
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Why was my review inappropriate for this particular audit? [duplicate]

I was reviewing (first posts) and came across the following question: Below error while gradle sync Failed in Mac. CONFIGURE FAILED in 3s ERROR: No signature of method:
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Is this a right question for an audit? [duplicate]

I've just failed the triage audit on this question. I've marked it as Unsalvageable since, in my opinion: Just presented a picture to describe the expected result Does not show any effort No code ...
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A review ban that lets me confused about good question and highly upvoted question [duplicate]

Several minutes ago I received a review ban: You have made too many incorrect reviews. For an example of a task you should have reviewed differently, see:
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Please explain why I failed this review... Reopen audit queue [duplicate]

In the reopen audit queue, I had to review if this question should be reopened: Flutter - Building for iOS, but the linked and embedded framework 'App.framework' was built for iOS Simulator ...
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