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Discouraging post-and-edit [duplicate]

On a recent SO question of mine, one respondent answered very quickly with an answer that was wrong. I checked the code and found that it did not work, started to comment, and saw that this person had ...
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How did my answer get downvoted immediately? [duplicate]

I have answered a question and right after I have pushed the post button I saw that it was already downvoted. Right from the first moment that it was published! I wonder how is that's possible. Edit ...
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Is it OK to discourage new developers and helping members just because one has extended privileges? [duplicate]

Before I explain what I feel is going wrong: I'd like to say that it is not because my correct answer was downvoted. If that would have been the case I would have deleted the answer. What I feel is ...
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Originally wrong answer then morphed into correct after 30 mins [duplicate]

Does an originally wrong answer possibly turn into a correct one after 30 mins they wrote the original answer? Chronologically: He/she posted the wrong answer. Then someone else answers with the ...
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submit incomplete answer and edit it later [duplicate]

I see people (I do that too sometimes) answering a question with an incomplete but good answer (think of submitting code without explaining or writing a short answer) and editing it later to complete ...
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Why are users answering questions as quickly as possible?

Very often, I read a question and think about an answer. During my thought process I see that new answers pop up very quickly but sometimes they are incomplete or address only part of the question. ...
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New answer-deletion option: code-only answer

My question is somewhat related to this one, in that, it seems to me that many answers flagged as low-quality are code-only answers. While Will's answer to the previous question indicates that some ...
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How should I deal with claims that my answer is plagiarism of another?

In today's fast-moving world, many answers are provided within seconds and under 5 minutes. This is especially the case for 1-line answers. I've recently come across some aggressive behaviour, albeit ...
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Is it all right to flag very new answer as 'very low quality'?

From time to time I look at new questions where people just 'throw in' near empty answers to be first. These answers sometimes just contain the first line of the real answer or just a single line of ...
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Can code-only answers be high quality?

I don't like asking about audits, because it sounds like complaining, but I'm not sure about this: I've been review-banned once, and I haven't failed any audits since then (a few weeks ago), but I ...
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Should I post a duplicate answer if the other answer could be improved?

In general when I answer a question, I try to explain my answer, which takes some time to write out. When the question is pretty simple to answer, this sometimes means that someone else will post a ...
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