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Who reviews the reviewers?

Note: I am not including a link because the purpose of this post is not to call anybody out. I recently edited a question. The user had misspelled the word "within" in the post's title. I looked at ...
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A moderator messaged me that my edits which only remove "thanks" and alike are discouraged

There are threads here (thread 1 and thread 2) already but in my opinion it needs further discussion. It is discouraged, but not a punishable violation? I can remember when I didn't have the ...
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Capitalizing i's [duplicate]

I have two points here. I would like to point out that people who post their questions with lowercase i's for no reason make their questions unprofessional. It feels like they put very little effort ...
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When does the temporary editing ban get lifted? [duplicate]

I recently got banned for editing posts and wanted to know if I will be notified when the ban is lifted or what measures can I take to lift the ban soon.
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Edit quality criteria on Stack Exchange

The edit feature is one of the central features of this site. There might be different reasons why a user decides to edit a post. Regardless of the motives: Are there any criteria that question edits ...
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How can I make better edits? [duplicate]

It seems like my edit suggestions are getting rejected left and right but I'm not sure why. I work hard on each edit, trying to improve as much as possible. I take at least a couple of minutes per ...
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If I choose "Improve Edit" when reviewing suggested edits, does the original editor earn reputation? [duplicate]

When reviewing suggested edits, I sometimes see a minor improvement that I could make, like a grammar fix or removing "thanks" or "I am new to insert technology here>..." If I choose "Improve Edit" ...
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How is this not worthy of an edit? [closed]

Consider this suggested edit: Just check the edit. That is enough of a change, makes the post more readable and improves the grammar aspect ...
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What do I need to do reenable myself to suggest edits? [duplicate]

I have been banned from suggesting edits, and it says: You are temporarily banned from suggesting edits - please review your edit history. But if you go through that I can see the summary as: ...
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Help Center Prompt when Editing a Post

Possible Duplicate: edit review & reject help page There is a nice "asking help" link when asking a question. But there is no such link when editing a post. Similar links should be displayed as ...
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What should I do if my edit is less than 6 characters for an over 100 upvoted answer? [duplicate]

I found a typo on a 127 upvote accepted answer on this post. Iti's more accurate to say that Javascript is synchronous and single-threaded with various callback mechanisms. It should be: It's ...
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When a edit is overlapped, over an other edit, why does the earlier edit be rejected? [duplicate]

So, I had edited three questions, which were overlapped by another edit. Thus, they were rejected. Afterwards, when I went to do another edit, I got a warning on the top saying that my earlier edits ...
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Become a good Reviewer (Is there a Reference?) [closed]

Hello I'm pretty new to SO. As you can see (my rep.) I'm pretty new the review stuff too. I've done a few review tasks, but I'm always catching myself while I'm clicking on the "SKIP" button, because ...
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Fall 2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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Suggested edits are not removing noise - how can we give better guidance?

Spending some quality time in the Suggested Edits review queue, I am noticing more and more that there are lots of generally well-meaning editors out there who are not removing noise like "Thanks&...
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