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Edit quality criteria on Stack Exchange

The edit feature is one of the central features of this site. There might be different reasons why a user decides to edit a post. Regardless of the motives: Are there any criteria that question edits ...
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Edits to a Question [closed]

I do know that some questions are written poorly, and do not contain good/enough information. But I also see (too many!) edits which do nothing to help with the question like, for instance, Download ...
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Rejected review for converting image into textual table [duplicate]

As a reviewer, I came across a suggested review for which another reviewer and I decided to accept, but that a moderator decided to reject. Specifically, the original post contained an embedded image ...
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Advice for new Suggested Edits and Low Quality Posts reviewers

Having just ticked over the 2k reputation mark I'd like some advice on getting started with reviews in the LQP, Suggested Edits, and H&I queues. There is a good link on meta about getting started ...
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Become a good Reviewer (Is there a Reference?) [closed]

Hello I'm pretty new to SO. As you can see (my rep.) I'm pretty new the review stuff too. I've done a few review tasks, but I'm always catching myself while I'm clicking on the "SKIP" button, because ...
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Why are my suggested edits not getting approved?

I have suggested edits to the answers to 2 different questions (answered by other people) but each time, my suggested edits to the answer are not approved even though I have added sensible changes in ...
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Should I remove the UI toolkit from a question where it is irrelevant to make it more general?

Sometimes I find java questions where a UI toolkit (swing, javafx, etc.) is mentioned, but is irrelevant to the question. These questions often say they have a project in Java using a given UI toolkit ...
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When a edit is overlapped, over an other edit, why does the earlier edit be rejected? [duplicate]

So, I had edited three questions, which were overlapped by another edit. Thus, they were rejected. Afterwards, when I went to do another edit, I got a warning on the top saying that my earlier edits ...
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Help Center Prompt when Editing a Post

Possible Duplicate: edit review & reject help page There is a nice "asking help" link when asking a question. But there is no such link when editing a post. Similar links should be displayed as ...
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