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What sorts of edits should editors make to posts, and why? [closed]

Amongst the Stack Overflow community, we have some broadly understood ideas about what constitutes a good post. We think questions should contain a MCVE and answers should contain a clear solution. ...
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Small edit with the removal of product name considered as a bad edit, why?

I recently suggested this edit and it was rejected for not improving the quality of the post. I removed the name of the game since it's not necessary and is irrelevant. How does that not impact (or ...
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How best to edit questions for which the answer turns out to be "not possible...but"

I sometimes ask questions for which the answer is "this is not possible". One common source of these (and I suspect this happens to other question askers as well) is the relative lack of ...
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Most asked Question Unclear! Viewing Rejected Edits

I sometimes edit posts, which may include grammatical, format or coding mistakes. I could do it better because of my better IELTS results. I wanted to know, which edits of mine were rejected, so I ...
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What should I do if my edit is less than 6 characters for an over 100 upvoted answer? [duplicate]

I found a typo on a 127 upvote accepted answer on this post. Iti's more accurate to say that Javascript is synchronous and single-threaded with various callback mechanisms. It should be: It's ...
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What do I need to do reenable myself to suggest edits? [duplicate]

I have been banned from suggesting edits, and it says: You are temporarily banned from suggesting edits - please review your edit history. But if you go through that I can see the summary as: ...
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How is this not worthy of an edit? [closed]

Consider this suggested edit: Just check the edit. That is enough of a change, makes the post more readable and improves the grammar aspect ...
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What if edits are rejected by community?

While editing a question, if the community rejects your edit, is this sign of disapproval for further edits?
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Who reviews the reviewers?

Note: I am not including a link because the purpose of this post is not to call anybody out. I recently edited a question. The user had misspelled the word "within" in the post's title. I looked at ...
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Why was this simple edit rejected?

I suggested this simple edit, so the output of the code actually matched what the original post was asking for. As you can see, it was rejected for deviating from the original intent of the post, but ...
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What are the edit reject reasons?

Users with a reputation below 2,000 cannot access the review queue to find the official list of edit reject reasons for questions/answers. Likewise, users with a reputation below 5,000 cannot access ...
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Mass trivial tag-only edits [duplicate]

During the last few day in the "clogged" suggested-edits review queue, I encountered a suspicious user on an editing spree. The last 3 days, the user made over 150 pointless tag-only edits (they didn'...
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Capitalizing i's [duplicate]

I have two points here. I would like to point out that people who post their questions with lowercase i's for no reason make their questions unprofessional. It feels like they put very little effort ...
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When does the temporary editing ban get lifted? [duplicate]

I recently got banned for editing posts and wanted to know if I will be notified when the ban is lifted or what measures can I take to lift the ban soon.
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Add possibility to edit tags directly in the "Tagged questions" page

Every now and then burninate requests are created. Some of them concern tags that are not very extensively used (e.g. Exclude [exclude]), so we can clean them up manually. The feature of inline tag ...
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