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How to extend my gratitude, when a contributor went out of their way for me [duplicate]

What can I give a contributor, except the joy of helping? How do I properly thank a developer when they spent two full afternoons with my very awkward issue? Do I encourage upvotes on their answer at ...
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Will Stack Overflow celebrate the 20 million questions milestone?

Stack Overflow is going to reach 20 million questions in a few days. Will there be any celebrations, like for 10m questions?
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How to participate in Stack Overflow contest to get a t-shirt [duplicate]

I'm interested to gain a Stack Overflow t-shirt, so I was finding the way how I can get it. I found a couple of ways Buying, but the shop is closed now Waiting until I get 100K reputation ...
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Can I rollback to a previous, unbroken mug?

I proudly and prominently use my Stack Overflow shirt, clipboard, koozie and mug that I received for my answer in the 10 million questions giveaway. Or at least I did. My mug was broken by a careless ...
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Is there any way to get Stack Overflow swag through competitions or challenges or any other way?

I am a newcomer with skills in C++ and Java, also holding hands on HackerRank and HackerEarth. Any quick ways to get swags through Stack Overflow or any other sites?
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Is this email spam, or is João the one in charge of swag distribution?

I just received this email from someone called João. In the email, he says that I need to fill in a google form so that Stack Overflow can send the 10m questions swag to me. This sounds really ...
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Is it too late for swag? [duplicate]

I had posted an answer on the 10 million post, and promptly forgot about it. I got an email from Tim Post in September asking for my address in the email account which I guess I originally linked to ...
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Unfriendly ux when trying to "add a comment"

I've noticed this but haven't mentioned it but I'm annoyed by it. Let's say you go to a question that has a lot of comments, take this post: 10 Million Questions - Let's Share Some Stories That ...
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10 Million Questions Giveaway - What happened? [duplicate]

First of all I appologize if using a question to ask for a status update is the wrong way to approach this, but I can honestly say I would not know any other way to ask this. 4 months ago TimPost ...
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Answering Questions With Accepted Answer

Is it correct/OK/encouraged to submit an answer to a question even if an already existing answer has already been accepted?
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Stack Overflow at its finest

What kind of image do people conjure up with this title, of SO at its very finest? For me this is an example: How to determine whether my calculation of pi is accurate?, where the world record holder ...
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Congrats on 1m [javascript] questions!

I thought it'd be nice to write up a celebratory post, in honor of javascript passing 1,000,000 questions! My thanks go out the the massive community active in the tag, asking, answering and ...
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Where's my swag?

For the 10 million questions post I made a post on how stackoverflow has helped me. Mr. Tim Post emailed me quite some time ago for address information to send the swag. I've waited more than 12 ...
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Fall 2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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Stack Overflow shirt lost in mail?

Some time ago, I participated in the "10 million questions" question. After that, I received an email asking me to complete a Google Form with my Stack Overflow profile link and shipping details. ...
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