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Unfriendly ux when trying to "add a comment"

I've noticed this but haven't mentioned it but I'm annoyed by it. Let's say you go to a question that has a lot of comments, take this post: 10 Million Questions - Let's Share Some Stories That ...
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10 Million Questions Giveaway - What happened? [duplicate]

First of all I appologize if using a question to ask for a status update is the wrong way to approach this, but I can honestly say I would not know any other way to ask this. 4 months ago TimPost ...
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Updating old (read: pre-Java8) posts with new answers?

Posted today was a question concerning throwing exceptions on numeric overflows. Before Java 8, the solutions to checking for an overflow prior to the arithmetic were a bit obtuse, as noted by this ...
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Is it too late for swag? [duplicate]

I had posted an answer on the 10 million post, and promptly forgot about it. I got an email from Tim Post in September asking for my address in the email account which I guess I originally linked to ...
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How to participate in Stack Overflow contest to get a t-shirt [duplicate]

I'm interested to gain a Stack Overflow t-shirt, so I was finding the way how I can get it. I found a couple of ways Buying, but the shop is closed now Waiting until I get 100K reputation ...
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