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Answering Questions With Accepted Answer

Is it correct/OK/encouraged to submit an answer to a question even if an already existing answer has already been accepted?
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Can Stack Overflow notice a regular expression question and maybe suggest something apart from other like questions?

The regular expression questions continue ad nauseam despite apparent consensus as to the inappropriateness of the general form. How else can they be discouraged or preempted? Perhaps add into the "...
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May I know the reason for getting second T-shirt?

Today I received another T-shirt from your side (second time). I don't know the reason for this. Stack Overflow gave me the first T-shirt for getting 100k, but I don't know the reason for the ...
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Where's my 10,000,000 swag?

Recently, the 10,000,000 stories question reached its deadline. In fact, that was three days ago. I decided I wasn't going to complain over the weekend and give the Stack Overflow staff a break. ...
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How to assert a bad question

This is Exhibit One in the fight against bad questions: How to test code that writes to stdout? I closed it as "Unclear What you are Asking." It was reopened by five community members. OK... ...
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Why only top users on the 10 million page?

First of all, congratulations to all of us for making the 10 million mark. To explain what I am talking about here's the picture: I can see Jon Skeet and other top users. Wouldn't it make more sense ...
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Got a Stack Overflow mug - Don't know from where?

I recently got a Stack Overflow mug with no details of sender. Is Stack Overflow giving away these mugs?
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Stack Overflow shirt lost in mail?

Some time ago, I participated in the "10 million questions" question. After that, I received an email asking me to complete a Google Form with my Stack Overflow profile link and shipping details. ...
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Flag dispute - Should answer be undeleted?

A link-only answer was posted to the question What is the difference between LL and LR parsing? There is a great recent article about that:
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Would it be possible to buy a Stack Overflow T-shirt?

Would it be possible to sell SO t-shirts again for the short period of celebration time? Given that you are apparently going to print some and I am definitely not gonna be one of the 50 lucky ones I ...
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Bounty wasn't large enough - no way to increase it? What could be done? [duplicate]

I recently had to deal with an ASP.NET web forms app to help improve its performance. It's been tricky due to the extensive use of update panels. I got to a point where I could not figure out the ...
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10,000,000th question is here! [closed]

Remember one month ago we talked about the 10M question? Will Stack Overflow celebrate the 10M question milestone? IT'S HERE!!! Short answer, yeah - I plan on doing something. I'm not sure what ...
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Is there any way to get Stack Overflow swag through competitions or challenges or any other way?

I am a newcomer with skills in C++ and Java, also holding hands on HackerRank and HackerEarth. Any quick ways to get swags through Stack Overflow or any other sites?
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At what point do we stop the "We've reached 10 million questions" celebration?

(This is not a duplicate of Stack Overflow title edit to 'celebrate' 10 million questions, because I'm not asking about why there are so many os in the site name.) While 10,000,000 questions ...
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Will Stack Overflow celebrate the 20 million questions milestone?

Stack Overflow is going to reach 20 million questions in a few days. Will there be any celebrations, like for 10m questions?
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