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Stack Overflow helped me with my problem: on which network can I share my success story?

Recently, I encountered a challenging integration issue with Spring and was unable to find help as I live in a remote Sub-Saharan African region. I turned to Stack Overflow and posted my question. To ...
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How Did Stack Overflow Help You?

As we continue the celebration of 10 million questions on Stack Overflow, we want to give away more stuff! We’ve already received some awesome stories about users going above and beyond for others, ...
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Will Stack Overflow celebrate the 20 million questions milestone?

Stack Overflow is going to reach 20 million questions in a few days. Will there be any celebrations, like for 10m questions?
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How to extend my gratitude, when a contributor went out of their way for me [duplicate]

What can I give a contributor, except the joy of helping? How do I properly thank a developer when they spent two full afternoons with my very awkward issue? Do I encourage upvotes on their answer at ...
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How to participate in Stack Overflow contest to get a t-shirt [duplicate]

I'm interested to gain a Stack Overflow t-shirt, so I was finding the way how I can get it. I found a couple of ways Buying, but the shop is closed now Waiting until I get 100K reputation ...
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What is the meta effect?

I was reading some discussions on here, and came across the term "meta effect". Can anyone explain what is meant by this? and what is the purpose?
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Can I rollback to a previous, unbroken mug?

I proudly and prominently use my Stack Overflow shirt, clipboard, koozie and mug that I received for my answer in the 10 million questions giveaway. Or at least I did. My mug was broken by a careless ...
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Who are the winners in the #SOreadytohelp t-shirt drawing?

Stack Overflow recently surpassed 10 million questions, and we're giving away a bunch of t-shirts to celebrate: Because it's coming up, here's some brief info about the t-shirt contest: Twitter ...
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Fall 2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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Congrats on 1m [javascript] questions!

I thought it'd be nice to write up a celebratory post, in honor of javascript passing 1,000,000 questions! My thanks go out the the massive community active in the tag, asking, answering and ...
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Where's my swag?

For the 10 million questions post I made a post on how stackoverflow has helped me. Mr. Tim Post emailed me quite some time ago for address information to send the swag. I've waited more than 12 ...
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Updating old (read: pre-Java8) posts with new answers?

Posted today was a question concerning throwing exceptions on numeric overflows. Before Java 8, the solutions to checking for an overflow prior to the arithmetic were a bit obtuse, as noted by this ...
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Is there any way to get Stack Overflow swag through competitions or challenges or any other way?

I am a newcomer with skills in C++ and Java, also holding hands on HackerRank and HackerEarth. Any quick ways to get swags through Stack Overflow or any other sites?
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Is this email spam, or is João the one in charge of swag distribution?

I just received this email from someone called João. In the email, he says that I need to fill in a google form so that Stack Overflow can send the 10m questions swag to me. This sounds really ...
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Where's my 10,000,000 swag?

Recently, the 10,000,000 stories question reached its deadline. In fact, that was three days ago. I decided I wasn't going to complain over the weekend and give the Stack Overflow staff a break. ...

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