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Questions In Answers Revisited [duplicate]

After asking for some guidance into why a flag I had raised on what I considered a suspect answer was declined, I was directed to this: Should we avoid rhetorical questions in answers? I understand ...
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Flagged question as answer: declined! [duplicate]

Meta-hello! I flagged an answer where the user actually asked a question as "Not an answer". My flag got declined and I have no idea why. not an answer – Cthulhu yesterday declined - a moderator ...
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Answers phrased as a question [duplicate]

When reviewing the close queue, I'm frequently seeing people claiming "this is not an answer" on potential solutions phrased as a question. Sample: Like ...
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When is NAA actually not an answer? [duplicate]

Recently, I found this post in the VLQ queue. It had 2 delete votes, and a response of "This does not provide an answer to the question...". In a similar circumstance, my NAA was marked as helpful but ...
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Dispute a Low Quality Review post [duplicate]

I came across this answer here during the LQP review queue I felt it was a request for clarification from the author. So I chose a deletion of the post. However I failed as it was an answer and ...
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Can a question be an answer? [duplicate]

Yesterday, I flagged a question as NAA, the question was: Did you remember to run qmake after adding the resource file? and the flag was declined with the reason: flags should not be used to ...
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So this IS an answer?

I flagged this answer as "Not an answer" because it seems to be asking the user to verify some information, which I understand is more appropriately done in a comment. (The answer is now deleted. ...
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Are answers speculating on what the problem might be considered answers? [duplicate]

I'll periodically run into answers along the line of The problem might be X. or Did you try y? As an example, I recently encountered the following answer in the VLQ queue: You might be suffering ...
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Not an answer flag declined even though they were asking a new question

I recently flagged this answer as not being an answer SQL - CASE STATEMENT - WHEN statement AND statement This was declined with declined - flags should not be used to indicate technical ...
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Deadpan sarcasm in answers

I've come across a few answers lately that had deadpan, sarcastic statements in the answers. Some of them I didn't even recognize as jokes until after clicking links, etc. Personally I actually like ...
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Please explain why this qualifies as an answer?

I could not find any getMoney method in your class definition that takes a parameter. Are you sure you did not want to use machine.setMoney(input) instead?1 to this question?2 I mean that is a comment....
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What purpose must an answer serve?

When reading some comments containing arguments about an answer not being entirely as "expected" or "should have been" (to those who wrote the comments), I started to wonder myself and I could not ...
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Is a sarcastic answer, a no-answer, still an answer? [duplicate]

The original question: How to get the count of each individual's salary? I am using MySQL. There are 2 tables: table1->Emp------columns(ID,name) table2->Sal------columns(ID,sal,month) Note: ...
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Flag for "not an answer" declined [duplicate]

I flagged this answer as not an answer for moderator attention. But it was declined as: declined - flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer ...
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Is it really an answer?

I've flagged this answer as "Not an answer", but my flag was declined: "declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it". I've re-read this answer a couple more times,...
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