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How do tag removal (burnination) requests work?

How do you determine when a tag is bad? How are tags removed? Is there other cleanup work that should be done first? Why are so few tags blacklisted after they are removed? Who should do the ...
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Request to merge and/or blacklist [canvas] tag

I as well as others would like to see the two HTML5 canvas tags being merged. The two tags in questions are: canvas and html5-canvas I would suggest merging the former with the latter so we only end ...
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Should the [triggers] tag exist?

I recently came across the triggers tag while reviewing suggested edits. Somebody wanted to add database-triggers to a question. Thinking I'd spotted something that should probably be setup as a tag ...
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Re-tagging questions related to Unix/Linux text processing out of shell specific tags

As a regular follower of questions around the bash, shell, and linux tags, it is really getting tough to manage (tag correct) the amount of questions that get tagged for text processing questions ...
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What tag to use for question in a new programming language?

Normally each programming language has its own tag for questions about code in that language. This means questions for a newly released programming language need a new tag. The standard way to add a ...
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Burninate [class]

I think class is too broad to be useful. The metric I always use is: How can one be an expert in [tag]? You can't be. You can be an expert in Object Oriented programming, maybe... I just don't see ...
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“One frame to rule them all.” How to handle [data.frame]/[dataframes] mistagging

Recently, David Arenburg posted a feature-request to warn r users from adding the dataframes tag and instead encourage them to use the data.frame tag. This issue was brought up about a year ago as ...
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Stop protecting [protect]

Currently, 209 questions are tagged protect. It is mainly used as a synonym for "prevent" or "hide". This is a meta tag and I do not see any value in having it. Questions tagged with it range from ...
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JavaScript version tags cleanup proposal

The JavaScript/ ECMAScript version tags could use a little tidying. It's a large family of tags, and there are a few stragglers that should be made to be synonyms to other existing tags, if not dealt ...
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Which dupe tag shall appear in Mjölnir close vote when I have multiple Mjölnirs?

Few minutes back, I CV'd a question having both c and arrays tags. I have Mjölnir for both the tags in the CV'd question, and the linked dupe has only the c tag. I was expecting that the close reason ...
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Any last [word]s? [duplicate]

This tag needs to die as its very ambigous, and vague. Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? This tag doesn't help to describe the question in ...
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Should you add a language tag when your question is not too language specific?

I wondered if it makes sense to tag, for example, JavaScript, when you have a problem like "How can I change the Bresenham circle algorithm to get filled rings instead of circles with as few ...
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[eventlistener], [event-listener] and [event-listeners] are all the same; make them one tag

We have these three tags with identical wikis and obviously overlapping lemmas: eventlistener (769 questions) event-listener (104 questions) event-listeners (252 questions). I suggest to use only ...
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Is [prolog-lists] needed when there is [prolog] and [list]?

The newly introduced tag prolog-lists appears to be redundant and better be replaced by list which in conjunction with Prolog shows 1.7k posts. Note that there are already cases like prolog-cut and ...
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We're not in [canvas] anymore

As I already commented in the comments on Can these questions with changed tags be returned to their original tagging?, I don't see the tag canvas being useful. The criteria: Does it describe the ...
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