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I do not understand why I failed this audit

Whilst reviewing over on Stack Overflow I got the following question How to get source code from installed app on the android phone? I mistakenly formated my WD hard disk.And I lost all my project ...
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I know this is an audit and it is bad. What should I do?

I was going through the low quality post review queue and got this question. I am 99.99% certain that it is an audit as it is a question and the LQ queue no longer does questions. I right clicked on ...
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Voting history statistics request

In a couple recent threads regarding how users of higher reputations behave there is a lot of speculation going on. Could we get some summarized statistics to help in these discussions? I think some ...
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Failed FP audit due to downvote. Is my mental rule for downvoting wrong? [duplicate]

I just failed an audit in First Posts which now locks me out for 2 days. While I perfectly understood why I failed before (misclicked button, misinterpreted problem statement), I was puzzled by that ...
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Should we allow questions with an active bounty in the triage queue

I was going through the triage queue and got this review of ISO C++ forbids declaration of ‘multiset’ with no type. Looking at the question there is no MCVE and the code is provided only as a link. ...
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Should audit posts be moderator-validated? And should you be review banned after one failed audit?

ok, so I have been reviewing posts on stack overflow for the better part of a year or more. Lately, I have noticed the audit posts have become much more arbitrary. For example, I saw this post and ...
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Why does the Low Quality Posts review queue still have question audits?

Questions got kicked out of the Low Quality Posts (LQP) review queue a while back and shunted to Triage instead. So there are not now, nor have there been for some time, any legitimate questions in ...
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Close Vote Review Queue audit on active bounty question

Going through the close vote review queue I got this review for Simplify process with linq query which has an active bounty. According to Shog9♦ comment here FYI, bountied questions are already ...
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I am got blocked from review and I think it is incorrect, what to do now? [duplicate]

I was reviewed a question and the result is this. I just left a comment. But it said that I reviewed it wrongly and banned me for one month! Should always a comment be negative? If yes, then there ...
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When is asking for examples a close reason?

I understood from previous questions (e.g. How can I better ask this question about finding example code to learn from?) and the off-topic/too broad flag reasons that questions asking for tutorials, ...
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Possible bad audit review in First Post

Came across this one: To me it seemed a bit poor as they hadn't posted any code to the stackoverflow website and just relied on an external link (...
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Does this question deserve to be in the Review Audit List?

Is this question a Good Question and qualified to be in Review Audit list? This question does not: Specify which RDBMS or Database is in use, so Proper database tags are missing Show any search ...
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Failed a review audit, even though the post was of low quality [duplicate]

I was reviewing this question on SO and I downvoted it as it was of low quality but to my surprise I was told I had failed. I don't consider this question a good quality post. There is no example of ...
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Bounty on a question of questionable quality [duplicate]

There is a question here that isn't specifically about programming -- it's about algorithms. I think that it's not a good question for SO (although I may be wrong, but that isn't relevant here), so I ...
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Reopen Votes Audit

Please take a look at this question: Nginx to host app in different location That's clearly about configuring Nginx isn't it? So apparently others thought so and apparently it was closed. Since ...
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