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Front page caches too agressively [duplicate]

The front page ( frequently shows me its state from a few hours ago. Steps to reproduce: Have visited a few times before (shouldn't be too hard). ...
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Page Caching / Back Button Issue [duplicate]

For the past week or so it seems that there is an issue on stackoverflow that brings back very old (days) copies of the page. For example: When I go to the Tags button, then select the C# tag and ...
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Problem in New Stack UI Change [duplicate]

When I click My favourite tags in php it loads the URL and its work fine. But if I use Browser back button it will load some thing ...
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"Asked 4 minutes ago" on listing but question itself shows it was asked much earlier [duplicate]

When I'm on the question listing while filtering by a specific tag, I sometimes see questions that are supposed to have been asked a few minutes ago, as per the screenshot: But when I go onto the ...
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I see dead questions

So, this is probably something with the caching but tag pages recently started showing me deleted questions. For example: Which in particular links to this question:
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New homepage navigation breaks forward button

In the spirit of ‹New homepage navigation breaks back button›, the newly new homepage now breaks the forward button, and this bug was introduced very recently. To reproduce: Using Chrome 46.0.2490.71 ...
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Hot network questions not expanding after changing tag filter

When I try and click on "more hot questions" once I've chosen a tag, it doesn't work. It just puts a # at the end of the URL and refreshes the page and my tags. Even without setting tags, it still won'...
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Backwards navigation not maintained when using pages [duplicate]

Edit: My question appears to be a partial duplicate of this question though mine is particularly about the paging aspect. However that question has been marked status-completed which since I can still ...
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Bug - going back a page displays cached content from a week ago

Ok, I know there was a similar question about a year ago here and here regarding the main page, however I can't seem to find anything about other pages, so my guess is that's a different issue (...
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Filter caching not updating

Fairly new as a professional developer so I'm not sure my terminology is correct, but I've discovered a bug in the new custom filters feature. I've created a simple filter for tags that I feel ...
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