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Should I be (more) careful when upvoting questions?

I usually always upvote questions that show research on the OP's part, are well structured, contain only the relevant parts of the code for a certain problem, among other qualities. However, I don't ...
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Poorly worded 8-year old question with hundreds of votes and security implications

TL;DR. A question with a title that asks specifically for crypto code, all answerers think it's reasonable to ignore security feedback, specifically because the question is poorly worded. Years in the ...
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Penalty for answering help-vampire questions? Or reward closure? [duplicate]

In javascript, I often come across answers from a certain user on typical help vampire questions. Questions that should be closed as duplicates, instead of being answered. You know the type: No ...
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Suggest editing to upvoters of unclear questions

While I was trying to understand some question, it got a few upvotes. So it got me thinking - these upvoters probably understood it and thought it was good. So it would be great if they edited it in ...
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Are blatantly wrong answers very low quality?

I haven't been able to find anything about this, but are blatantly wrong answers (i.e. answers that are either demonstrably factually incorrect or obviously won't solve the OP's problem at all) very ...
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Make Sportsmanship a gold badge

The badge Sportsmanship has been around for quite a time now, but only been awarded 2423 times at the time of this suggestion. Since this badge was created to promote.. well.. sportsmanship, and to ...
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How are flag limits calculated?

How are the daily flag limits calculated for each user? I joined the site ~30 days ago and I think I had around 10 flags/day allowed. Today, I just flagged a question and noticed that I had some 20 ...
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Voting history statistics request

In a couple of recent threads regarding how users of higher reputations behave there is a lot of speculation going on. Could we get some summarized statistics to help in these discussions? I think ...
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Is it enough disclosure of self promotion if the link itself contains their name? [duplicate]

I've stumbled over a user that didn't disclose that they link to their own off-site content other than that the plain URL contains their name. The posts are very extensive, but the SO posts seem too ...
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How is upvoting popular questions fair? [duplicate]

Recently I came upon few users with significant amount of reputation. Quick check shows those users have answered a very few questions, but actually have asked questions users find popular (i.e. how ...
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Bad questions gaining fast (<5 min) upvotes

I just came across this question, which struck me as yet another overly broad piece of garbage on the java tag, and much to my astonishment, it got 2 upvotes within about 2 minutes. After re-reading ...
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What's wrong with asking 'homework' questions? [duplicate]

I've seen some questions before by people just getting into programming or a language that get downvoted/closed with the reason being that they're 'homework' questions and that they should have tried ...
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Sample code within questions about cryptography / encryption

There are many places where cryptographic code is provided as an answer to a cryptographic question. There is of course little wrong with providing code to answer a question. We often understand the ...
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Add a voting attribute option [duplicate]

I was reading one of the hot meta questions about restricting voting rights here: Restrict up vote rights Based on several discussions in the comments and the answers themselves it seems like the ...
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Too many up votes for duplicate questions from new users

Duplicate questions are a perennial problem, and for all the time I've been reviewing close votes I've come across many low value duplicates. That is, duplicates that add no value, because they do not ...
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